Amazon warns you might not get a pre-ordered Xbox Series X on launch date

Xbox Series X launches on November 10 for $ 500. Microsoft Amazon has sent out pre-order emails Xbox Series X, alerting buyers on Friday that the game console may not arrive prior to launch date. The The $ 500 console will ship on November 10 with Xbox Series S less than $ 300. “We contact … Read more

Nabi Car Seat Clamp warns you if your baby is in the car

Now playing: Watch this: Intel Smart Clip ensures you don’t forget your baby 1:13 Park your car and go with a baby still tied to a car seat tragic problem that unfortunately took his life dozens of kids each year. A small clip, powered by Intel technology, wants to prevent those crashes from happening again. … Read more

Apple Watch drop detector warns emergency service after the Norwegian man fell in the bathroom

Apple Watch has drop detection. Angela Lang / CNET After performing a serious acrobatics in the middle of the night, a 67-year-old Norwegian man and his family made the credit Apple Watch for help. As reported by Norway NRK, around 4:30 am on Saturday morning, Toralv Østvang got up to go to the bathroom. He … Read more

Sony warns that PlayStation consoles could be more expensive if the trade war continues

PlayStations made in China can be more expensive. James Martin / CNET If the US-China trade war continues to escalate, consumers may soon find themselves paying more for PlayStations. As with other electronics giants, Sony makes most of its consoles in China, with the company warning that if a new tariffs go into effect, its … Read more

Apple warns iPhone 5 users to update iOS or at risk of not having their phone working

Those who are still using the iPhone 5 will want a software update to continue using their phone. Sarah Tew / CNET Still rocking the iPhone 5? Then you should open Settings and make sure you’re running iOS 10.3.4 this week. In one supporting document Announced over the weekend, Apple warned that older iPhone users … Read more

Digital dictatorship is on the rise around the world, the report warns

A new Freedom House report warns of the growing “digital dictatorship”. beautiful images Internet freedom fell for nine consecutive years as governments around the world used social media to monitor citizens and manipulate elections, according to a new study warned of growing “digital dictatorship”. Thirty-three out of 65 countries surveyed have experienced worsening internet freedom … Read more

Microsoft warns that they may miss the revenue guide because of the coronavirus

Microsoft is the latest technology giant that warns its performance could be affected by coronavirus outbreaks. James Martin / CNET For the most up-to-date news and information on the coronavirus pandemic, visit WHO website. On Wednesday, Microsoft became the latest technology giant to warn that the coronavirus outbreak would affect its performance, say sales in … Read more

Microsoft warns that zero-day exploits exist in Windows, indicating a fix is ​​coming

Microsoft is warning of a new vulnerability in Windows. Microsoft / Érika García / CNET Microsoft is warning users about a new exploit that exists in Windows. In one Consultation is posted on its MSRC website this week, the company warned that it was exploiting the Adobe Type Manager Library of the software included with … Read more