Fly for a delightful afternoon with the newest drone from Skyrocket Toys

Sarah Tew / CNET If you’re already familiar with the Sky Viper range then you probably know the pint-sized Nano or Mini HD: Skyrocket Toys mainly produces toy drones, as the company name might suggest. I made its latest attempt at Las Vegas now CES. The Sky Viper Pro is the next step up, a … Read more

Amazon’s toy portfolio fills a Toys R Us-sized hole in your heart

Amazon has just submitted its holiday toy catalog. Amazon The holiday shopping season is coming for us, and while Toys R Us is are leaning on the edge of extinctionAnother retail giant has become the perfect place to shop for toys: Amazon. Amazon mailed its holiday toy catalog, can be viewed here (PDF). Amazon breaks … Read more

The best children’s electric car toys of 2021

Do you have a human (or maybe adventurous pets) that you’re trying to get excited about in cars? Well, unless you’re independently rich and plan to build the next Senna by funding their racing career, a battery-powered car is the next best thing. Like everything today, vehicles have become cheaper and offer more options for … Read more

Top toys for kids 2021

The pandemic It has made it difficult for children everywhere, and we think they might deserve a special treat for special occasions. Surprise toys are still hot right now, and the ones most searched for, such as Present Pets and The Animal Truck, even unpack themselves. Cute Baby Yoda remains incredibly popular and the latest … Read more

Reviews on Peapod Toys SweetPea3: Peapod SweetPea3

In a market filled with Nano replicas and toys, it’s refreshing to see something different – even if it’s a shabby MP3 player with just 256MB of storage and no count. enhanced capacity. Peapod Toys’ SweetPea3 can be ignored as it is especially targeted at children. Yes, the design is sturdy and the interface isn’t … Read more

Dell Inspiron 23 review: A compact all-in-one with gaming toys

The line between Dell’s more budget-friendly, consumer-friendly Inspiron line and its high-end XPS line has blurred for a while. Of course, expecting these two different brands to separate is clearly too hard, considering Dell’s consumer lineup a few years ago that included a range of Inspiron, Dimension, Studio, XPS and Studio XPS PCs. (and Adamo … Read more

Review Odyssey Toys X-7 Microlite: Brightly lit Microdrone at night

The X-7 Microlite quadcopter from Odyssey Toys is something I would expect to see someone peddle in the middle of a festival. With shielded propellers for protection and outfitted with bright LEDs, the palm-sized quadcopter is stable enough to simply bounce into the air and quickly take it around the crowd as it dives down … Read more

Odyssey Toys Pocket Drone review: It looks like a smartphone, but it flies easily

Odyssey Toys’ Pocket Drones are unique among pint-sized toy quadcopter drones because it’s truly designed to fit in a pocket. With a simple twist of each motor mounting end, the Pocket Drone’s propeller collapses into its body to move, leaving you with a main frame, essentially the size of a smartphone. . The controls are … Read more

Lora DiCarlo’s Osé sex-technology device is back, with two new toys to mimic human sensations

Lora DiCarlo / Illustrated by CNET This story is part of CESOur full, coverage of showroom floors and the latest technology gadgets around. The Osé, sex technology startup Lora DiCarloIts first device will be on display in Las Vegas this week for CES 2020. The first public launch took place at the premiere of CES … Read more