2016 Toyota Camry review: 2016 Toyota Camry and the legend of ordinary people

If you tell an auto enthusiast that you bought a Toyota Camry, you’ll hear things like “Oh, but that’s it. boring. A lot more interesting automobile market, like Honda fit or Mazda6. “This may be a shock to enthusiasts, but not every buyer wants a car with a lively styling. Some – or, dare I … Read more

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Review: Price $ 84,000 purchase

“Toyota that price how much?! “ Toyota has built a reputation in the United States for its affordable, reliable passenger cars. It’s pretty much starting the conversation when you scroll up in a ‘Yota’ starting at $ 83,825. Elsewhere in the world, the Land Cruiser is hailed for its ability to blend in with Toyota’s … Read more

Toyota Sienna 2018: A well-timed, technological refresh

Now playing: Watch this: The Toyota Sienna 2018 becomes an extremely hot segment 1:05 Chrysler has PacificaAnd coming, there will be a new brand Honda Odyssey on the road, too. The pickup truck segment is heating up and to make sure it doesn’t get left behind, Toyota has given Sienna some love for the 2018 … Read more

Black Toyota 86 GT 2018: Still enthusiast’s dream

The 2018 Toyota 86 starts back a simpler time. When television was limited to three channels, kids would play outdoors and sports cars had only three simple elements: the front-mounted engine, the rear wheel, and the gearbox where you actually had to manually shift gears. The best ones are tightly wrapped in a plump, but … Read more

Toyota Avalon Hybrid 2020 review: Big fish in the pond is getting narrower

The grille is a bit too much. Kyle Hyatt / Roadshow With the current Avalon, Toyota decided to try changing the sedan’s previous drowsy image in the hopes of appealing to buyers whose individual Venn diagrams do not overlap with AARP membership. I’d be damn if Toyota doesn’t succeed, because the 2020 Toyota Avalon not … Read more

Review Toyota 86 Hakone Edition 2020: Part of a green paradise

8 years of birth and currently living in the shadows of the Supra, the Toyota 86 will feel a bit long. However, the classic sports car construction, modular (yet basic) technology and pure driving feel have kept this sense of compactness relatively new for almost a decade. Like Great dynamics and chassis handling Some of … Read more