Proximo Proximity Monitoring System (Starter Kit) evaluation: Simple and efficient, but expensive

I’m no stranger to losing things. From leaving my bag on a park bench, to sifting all my coats in the cupboard just to find a bag where I kept my keys for the last time, everything went the same way. To help do this, Kensington’s Proximo Proximity Surveillance System provides a way to track … Read more

Archos Smart Home Starter Pack review: This Android security and automation suite lacks focus

$ 250 (£ 200 in UK, Australia yet to be announced) Archos Smart Home Starter Pack is a security and automation system that comes with an Android tablet, two cameras, two motion sensors and two sensors temperature and humidity. Pair the accessories with your tablet using Bluetooth and set up rules like “If the door … Read more

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack – Review Android, iOS: Traps and tablets keep the franchise fresh

The first time to Spyro’s Adventure, and it was great. Then came the Giants, which introduced a new element to the already tested Skylanders gaming formula; It was also good. Then followed Swap Force, and suddenly the game, which had already balanced a subtle boundary, what had to pause and move on to figurines, became … Read more

Bolt Power K3 Mini Portable Car Boot Review: K3 Mini Car Starter And Can Charge iPhone Six Times

Editors notes: Parts of this review were copied from CNET’s review of the Bolt Power D28 portable jump starter kit. The K3 Mini has undergone similar testing. The portable electronic starter was once a lead-acid car battery in a plastic case, weighing up to 20 pounds. Now, improvements in the lithium ion battery allow a … Read more

SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit Review: Skylink DIY Security Suite is very basic but reliable

Today, you have more home security options than ever, and an increasing number of them don’t include long-term contracts or monthly fees. Such latest system comes from a company called Skylink, which operates outside of Canada, Hong Kong and the United States. For nearly 25 years, Skylink has been selling localized homemade alert systems and … Read more

Philips Hue 2.0 Starter Kit review: New Siri controls, same old system

Today’s smart home is a real mixture of products and foundationsand categorizing what fits into what is not easy. Unless, of course, we’re talking about Philips Hue’s discolored smart bulbs that work with everything – Google’s Nest thermostat, Samsung SmartThings , IFTTT , Amazon Echo, Blink you name it. Now, thanks a new version of … Read more

Oomi Home starter kit review: Impressive but expensive

Editor’s Note, 11/17, 5:25 PM EST: Oomi lowered the price of her starter kit in the US from $ 700 to $ 500. That is still expensive, but it is not unreasonable for Oomi’s versatility. As a result, we increased the score from 7.4 to 7.7; Full reviews, as originally published, are as follows. We’ve … Read more

Conceptronic Wireless 300Mbps Broadband Starter Package: 300Mbps Conceptronic Wireless Broadband Starter

DesignTruth be told, most routers are ugly little creatures. Sure, there’s weird aberration – Linksys’s rather showy WRT160N is a good exception and Belkin’s N1 Vision definitely stands out in the room – but for the most part, the traditional router design is boring and generally inexpensive. The Conceptronic Wireless 300Mbps router falls in the … Read more

Reviews on Uniden wireless power starter: Uniden wireless power starter

Update: Since the release of the Uniden Wireless Power Starter, the price of this set has dropped. Throughout our review we mentioned a RRP of AU $ 149.95 for a Starter which includes a multi-connector adapter. The new price is AU $ 129.95 and the Starter Kit is now available with an iPhone sleeve option … Read more