The report says Google’s $ 40 million purchase of Fossil technology for hybrid smartwatches

Fossil is said to have sold its hybrid smartwatch technology to Google. Fossil By Google The $ 40 million acquisition of Fossil’s technology earlier this year is already reported for hybrid smartwatches. Fossil’s technology is internally referred to as Project Diana, derived from a combination of the words “digital” and “analog,” Wareable reported on Monday … Read more

Fossil reveals two new stylish Android Wear smartwatches that will launch later this year

Fossil Fossil’s first smartwatch, Q Founder, was unsuccessful but the watchmaker listened to feedback and plans to release two thinner, nicer models later this year. First, we have Q Wander. The case is 44mm in size, compared to 46mm by Q Founder. It also includes new band lugs, helping to make it look thinner. The … Read more

Meta M1 smartwatch review: Are smartwatches more glamorous? Well, something like that

Smartwatches of the future will either fall into two camps: those that have a lot of features and are part of the mobile ecosystem, like Android Wear, and those that just try to be everyday, smart watches. a little more intelligent. Count Meta M1 at the back camp. Curved steel. Funny lines. A leather strap. … Read more