Asante Smart HotSpot Wireless N Router AWRT-550N: Asante Smart HotSpot Wireless N Router AWRT-550N

Asante Smart HotSpot Wireless N Router The AWRT-550N provides a public wireless hotspot with a built-in login mechanism. However, for the router to be useful in the home or office, it’s best to turn off the login mechanism to save time and frustration. Also, this is a good single-band router with built-in support for USB … Read more

BlueAnt Smart Bluetooth Headset Q2 Review: BlueAnt Smart Bluetooth Headset Q2

BlueAnt continues to expand its voice-controlled headset lineup with BlueAnt Q2, the successor to the much-acclaimed product. Q1 that it introduced last year. The Q2 is dubbed the “smart” headset designed to take advantage of most smartphones (especially the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry handsets) with voice control features. and text-to-speech advanced, but it should work … Read more

Reviews on Samsung Rugby Smart (AT&T): Samsung Rugby Smart (AT&T)

Personally, I’m not too interested in rugged equipment. I do not live a tough enough lifestyle to justify owning one (except that time I struggled with a 6-year-old over the last bear claw), and as CNET’s Brian Bennett put it very well Exactly, find one that doesn’t “looks like a terrain tire” can be a … Read more

Toshiba Satellite U925t review: A smart switch with slide-out keyboard

At first glance, the sliding convertible Windows 8 will remind you of smartphones with sliding keyboards, another rare style. Hypothetically, the design combines the best aspects of a physical keyboard and keyboard, solving the biggest problem of a pure tablet, which is annoying typing on the screen. Like other slider converters, the Toshiba Satellite U925t … Read more

Review Samsung SEK-1000 (2013 Evolution Kit): Brain transplant for smart TV

Smart TV There are a few problems. Apart from the fact that the little additional boxes are as cheap as Roku and Apple TV often provide better functionality, with an upgrade element. People tend to own their TVs for 5 to 10 years or even more, and during that time, the Smart TV look may … Read more

Logitech Harmony Smart Control Review: A new step in the universal remote

In the age of Bluetooth and the ubiquitous Wi-Fi, it remains a minor scandal that home theater devices continue to rely on. Ancient IR (infrared) remote control. With no clear alternative standard in sight, companies tend to stick with IR in new products to maintain compatibility, with some network-connected devices receiving or – for example, … Read more

Affordable Smart electric vehicle easy to drive

The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive performs well as a city car, offering consistent range and very economical performance. Wayne Cunningham / CNET Getting around San Francisco in a convertible, visiting attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, is a real thing. Do it in an electric convertible car that fits the city’s compact size and high-tech … Read more

Schlage Camelot touch screen locker review: Monthly fee locking in the best features of this smart lock

When most homeowners think about upgrading their appliances, they tend to first think about buying a premium washer / dryer set or maybe a flashy new refrigerator. But there are plenty of subtle ways to upgrade your home that can make your everyday life easier, including smartening your door latches. Enter Schlage Camelot Touch Screen … Read more