Sony Vaio S series (VPCS11V9E / B) review: Sony Vaio S series (VPCS11V9E / B)

Vaio S-series by Sony laptop are slightly thicker, heavier, and more capable versions Vaio Y-series laptop that we reviewed earlier in March. Our review model, VPCS11V9E / B, includes a significantly faster processor, as well as an optical drive and a graphics card capable of running high-definition games and movies – features that are very … Read more

Pioneer Series 8 Speaker Review: Pioneer Series 8 Speakers

Second-hand stores and garages around the world are dotted with remnants from Pioneer’s hi-fi golden years: speakers, amplifiers and turntables wrapped in veneer of the 70s hard to understand. Although the company is believed to have failed in the 1980s, over the past 10 years it has returned to the lead in AV guise with … Read more

OCZ Vector Series SSD Review: Arguably the fastest SSD to date

The OCZ Vector is one of the many solid state drives I reviewed from OCZ Technology Group, but this is the first drive to actually be made from OCZ. The new drive comes with all OCZ-designed components, including the controller. OCZ Vector is a high-end SSD designed to compete with other Samsung 840 Pro, and … Read more

Panasonic TC-PVT60 Series Review: This plasma image finally challenges Kuro

Panasonic has been the lead in image quality for over 5 years, since Pioneer Kuro (now known as “K-word”) Head out of frame. Panasonic inherited the technology and engineers of the Pioneer transformation and has been on the verge of beating the K ever since, but never done. I assume 2013 was the year Panasonic … Read more

The 2018 BMW 4 Series offers slight tweaks in design and technology

Now that BMW has divided the 3 Series sedan and 4 Series coupe into separate models, they will receive updates at different times. So stay tuned, because what you see on the new 4 Series 2018 is likely to hit the 3 Series soon. But now let’s focus on the 4 Series and its variants, … Read more

TCL S405 Series Roku TV (2017) Review: The Best Smart TV System in an Affordable 4K TV

Fall / Winter 2018 updates The The TCL 55S405 remains our favorite low-cost 55-inch TV recommendation for those who put a higher priority on streaming and convenience over image quality, and at least it will remain that way until early 2019. You may be surprised to learn that, in today’s lightning-fast tech world, where exciting … Read more

LG launches new K series phones with improved cameras and display screens at IFA 2019

LG’s new K50S and K40S phones have multiple cameras and HD + displays. LG New by LG K50S and K40S The phone will be announced next month at IFA 2019 in Berlin, which will have an improved camera, a better display and a bigger battery, the company said Thursday. The LG K50S has three rear … Read more

Review Maserati Levante S 2019: The Queen of TV Series

Along with the inevitable increase in sport utility vehicles, there is the addition of high-performance luxury SUVs. From Porsche Cayenne come Lamborghini UrusAll major performance players are in the game, and I think the 2019 Maserati Levante is almost on par with a Ferrari SUV… at least for now. V6 engine built by Ferrari Crouching … Read more

2020 BMW 840i Gran Coupe First-time Driver Review: The best 8 Series coupe is truly a sedan

BMW’s best-selling coupes are actually sedans. Adorable new 8 Series coupe and convertible models have been on sale for a few months, but BMW says this four-door Gran Coupe variant, reaching dealerships as you read, will soon account for about 50% of all 8 Series sales. all around the world . It’s easy to understand … Read more

Motorola updated the G and E series, adding a new One Macro, when the foldable Razr appeared

Motorola has a bunch of new phones, but none are coming to North America. Jessica Dolcourt / CNET While predictions are built ahead of Motorola’s November 13 event in it it teases “The highly anticipated revelation of a reinvented logo,” the company doesn’t put all of its eggs in a foldable basket. Instead, on Thursday, … Read more