Energizer Dual Induction Charger Review: Convenience phone source, not portable type

A new range of smartphones with smooth wireless charging is here, and the $ 89 Energizer Dual Induction Charger is ready to support them. It might not be as travel-friendly as the $ 99.99 is more expensive Duracell Powermat system 24 hoursBut it provides a convenient way to equip your devices while also helping to … Read more

Samsung’s first pair of portable Bluetooth speakers with NFC, possibly a wireless sound bar

Samsung has strongly embraced Bluetooth and AirPlay speakers last year with The DA-E750 is gorgeous and its sister products, but surprisingly the company hasn’t launched its portable Bluetooth speaker yet – to this day. The Samsung DA-F60 is the company’s first entry into the booming portable Bluetooth speaker market. It has the apt-X codec, which … Read more

HTC BoomBass is a portable mini speaker for your HTC One (hands-on photo)

BERLIN – With dual speakers on the front, the HTC One smartphone delivered some of the best noise you’ll get from the phone. If that’s not enough for you then check out BoomBass. This portable rechargeable speaker adds low-end quality to your HTC phone for a warmer, richer sound – at least in theory. There … Read more

Sony’s new SRS-BTS50 portable Bluetooth speaker impresses (hands-on)

The $ 129.99 Sony SRS-BTS50 will ship later this month and comes in a variety of color options (click to enlarge). Sarah Tew / CNET Cylindrical portable Bluetooth speakers are the trend these days and Sony, not wanting to be left out, introduced the SRS-BTS50, a $ 129.99 shock-resistant wireless speaker. At first glance, it … Read more

Razer Ferox mobile gaming speaker review: Razer Ferox portable gaming speaker

Although the $ 60 Razer Ferox Portable Gaming Speaker can connect to any audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack, the sound quality is on par with LaCie USB Speaker. Both speakers have an attractive physical design, but unfortunately both see better than hear. Razer has extra points for rechargeable batteries, but overall we like … Read more

Wowee One Power Bass portable speaker review: Wowee One portable classic

Wowee One portable speakers work on the concept of using surfaces, such as tables or walls, as speakers, to let science and vibrations do most of the work. It’s not the first to use the concept and it’s not completely without cones; A regular tweeter resides inside the device, making a sound similar to what … Read more

Review Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard: Microsoft Wedge Portable Keyboard

Tablet owners, Microsoft has a new keyboard that you should know. Yes, it means Windows 8But the Bluetooth-based Wedge Portable Keyboard will connect to any existing operating system – tablet, computer or otherwise. The keyboard itself is very sturdy and responsive, but equally as useful as the rubber cover that doubles the tablet stand. At … Read more

Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker Review: A good portable speaker – at a discount

Let’s get something out of the way. Monster’s ClarityHD’s Bluetooth Micro Bluetooth Speaker is not a product worth buying for $ 200. Note aside, it’s a good little wireless speaker, on par with the sound quality of Jawbone Jambox and offers similar features, including built-in speakerphone capabilities, as well as an audio prompt that guides … Read more

JBL Pulse portable Bluetooth speaker review: Portable speaker with built-in light display

The portable Bluetooth speaker market these days is very crowded, with so many products that sound dissimilar. It’s great when you come across a product like JBL’s Pulse, trying to shake things up by bringing a multi-LED light display into the mix. In terms of shape, at least, the Pulse has a highly regarded JBL-like … Read more