Travelocity (Beyond E-Tech K250) travel phone reviews: Beyond E-Tech K250 travel phone

Editors notes: At the time of this writing, the FCC has not yet certified the Travelocity. In addition, the design of the final product may vary slightly. Dual SIM phones are not a new concept, but only in the past year have these phones gained widespread popularity in the United States. You cannot purchase them … Read more

ZTE Anthem 4G Review: This ZTE Android phone doesn’t have many issues

The new ZTE Anthem 4G for $ 199.99 sounds like an enticing proposition for MetroPCS subscribers. It brings the power of Android combined with 4G LTE data connectivity, all without the need to make difficult service contracts. However, a closer look will uncover major weaknesses in the handset’s obvious strengths. These include the relatively old … Read more

Energizer Dual Induction Charger Review: Convenience phone source, not portable type

A new range of smartphones with smooth wireless charging is here, and the $ 89 Energizer Dual Induction Charger is ready to support them. It might not be as travel-friendly as the $ 99.99 is more expensive Duracell Powermat system 24 hoursBut it provides a convenient way to equip your devices while also helping to … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Fame review: Samsung Galaxy Fame is a small phone but suffers from a poor screen

The world can stir itself in a frenzy about the release of flagship smartphones like Galaxy S4But these devices come with cutting edge features, terrible engines, and towering price tags. If your phone needs are more modest, you don’t need to spend too much cash. Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone lineup is constantly expanding, with a slightly … Read more

Alcatel One Touch Idol Review: Cheap, unlocked Android 4.1 phone without 4G

Alcatel may not be a ringing phone maker to you, but it’s a pretty decent business that’s entering the US market with phones like Cricket’s. Alcatel Agency and the better Alcatel One Touch Idol, an entry-level Android 4.1 Jelly Bean smartphone. Before diving into the assessment, there are three main things to know. First, One … Read more

Rating on Facebook (Windows Phone 8): Pretty face but lacks some features

Editors notes: This review was updated on October 24, 2013 to include features added in the latest version. Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8 is the best way to experience Facebook on Windows Phone. It has better performance and more features than just checking Facebook on Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone. This app was … Read more

Kyocera Hydro Edge review: A warm phone that only floats thanks to its water resistance

Unless you find yourself and your phone waterlogged frequently, consider skipping the Kyocera Hydro Edge. Yes, as the heir HydrogenEdge is still able to survive a good tunneling. But while this new version includes some welcome improvements like a larger 4-inch screen and a 5-megapixel camera (the original version only featured 3.2-megapixel shooting), the device … Read more

Skype for Windows Phone review: Includes the basics, but video quality is lacking

Seems wise, Skype for Windows Phone is almost the same Android and iOS Skype application. Unfortunately, the video quality isn’t as impressive as it is on other platforms, and the app lacks a few features. Skype is a service that allows you to send instant messages and make voice and video calls over the Internet. … Read more