Review Samsung Omnia i900: Samsung Omnia i900

Samsung continues to push deeper and deeper into every conceivable technology market, including every cell phone. The next key addition to its huge mobile portfolio is the Samsung Omnia i900, a Windows Mobile smartphone with a ton of features. But is this another touchscreen Samsung phone not to offer? Omnia is available on a number … Read more

Samsung Omnia (Verizon Wireless) Review: Samsung Omnia (Verizon Wireless)

Editors’ note: The Design and Features sections are taken from our initial review of the unlocked Samsung Omnia, as both models share some similarities. At the end of September 2008, we looked at the unlocked version of the Samsung Omnia and at the time, we didn’t know if it would reach the US even when … Read more

Review Samsung i8910 Omnia HD: Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

First launched at GSMA 2009, the Samsung i890 Omnia HD made a strong impression with its stunning touchscreen and high-end multimedia features. While it hasn’t been released in the US yet, Samsung kindly provided us with an unlocked version of the device to try it out, and it’s definitely impressive. Omnia HD offers an 8 … Read more

Review Samsung Omnia Icon: Samsung Omnia Icon

Ah, Omnia, how we wanted to love you last year. You’ve got everything we could possibly want; Fast web browsing, high-resolution camera, touchscreen interface, massive storage capacity and excellent media playback options, but in the end when we spend time with you we can’t Understand how slow you run and reminders too often about how … Read more

Samsung Omnia II (Verizon Wireless) Review: Samsung Omnia II (Verizon Wireless)

Notes editor: This review has been updated since the date of original publication with information regarding the proximity sensor. See Performance for more information. Announced in June, the Samsung Omnia II is now available from Verizon Wireless for $ 199.99 with a two-year contract and after a $ 100 discount by mail. The successor to … Read more

Review Samsung Omnia 7: Samsung Omnia 7

Super shiny Trying to pick and choose between the range of Windows Phone 7 launchers poses a pretty unique problem. A quick glance at Microsoft’s Windows Phone Australia website illustrates this perfectly; Five very similar devices stand in a row, have almost matching specs and features, and reasonably similar price tag. The challenge here is … Read more