Misfit Bolt Review: A few blasts with Misfit’s cute, colorful smart bulbs

In the Misfit product portfolio, the color changeable Bluetooth Bolt smart light bulb looks a bit wrong. After all, this is a company best known for its wearable technology – what the heck are the bulbs doing? Look a little closer and you’ll see why Misfit Bolt makes sense. Pair it with your phone via … Read more

Misfit Shine Review: A fitness tracker like a jewel of the future

There’s an inevitable conversation about wearable technology going on like this: everything you wear on your body should emphasize style. So should any gadget. If style is your concern, it will be hard to beat the Misfit Shine. This new Bluetooth connected activity tracker is possibly the most eye-catching fitness gadget I’ve ever seen. However, … Read more

Misfit Flash Review: A great, affordable fitness tracker

My favorite activity tracker last year was Misfit Shine a waterproof sleek metal plate that automatically counts sleep and steps, lasting months on a single replaceable battery, is included in accessories including wristbands, clamps and pendants and looks relatively attractive. Imagine that tracking device but in a more affordable version – it’s called the Misfit … Read more

Fitness jewelry never charges: Misfit Swarovski Shine features solar crystals (wristband)

LAS VEGAS – There have been a lot of efforts lately in connecting technology and wearable jewelry – Intel MICA Bands, Fitbit Tory Burch accessories, and Misfit Shine , has its own thing pendant And bracelets, are a few that you think of. One major limitation, however, is battery life: sooner or later these devices … Read more

Misfit Flash Link Review: A cheap fitness tracker with a distinct personality

Sarah Tew / CNET If you look at the Misfit Flash Link’s box, you’ll see it’s claimed to be a “smart button” – a kind of one-time remote for toggling the remote for listening to music and selfies on a smartphone. . In fact, it’s a fitness tracker – and a good one. But for … Read more

Misfit Shine 2 Review: The most beautiful fitness tracker you’ll ever lose

I lost Shine 2 somewhere near Park Avenue and 27th Street. While attending another meeting at a local hotel, I looked at my wrist. The rubber bracelet used to have a gold plate that was empty. I looked everywhere: in the lobby, on the street, the cafeteria where I went in front of the hotel. … Read more