Apple Mac Mini (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz Rating: Apple Mac Mini (2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

We were not in love more advanced models from Apple’s most recent Mac Mini update, but we’re a bit more aggressive about this $ 599 version. A reasonably functional desktop, the entry-level Mac Mini will offer consistent everyday performance, wrapped in a familiar aluminum and plastic casing, still attractive. That combination makes this Mac Mini … Read more

Reviews on Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini: Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini

The original by Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin expensive, but it is also arguably the most attractive and sounds the best iPod speaker base on the market. However, its rather bulbous size means that not everyone has enough space to accommodate it. That’s where the Zeppelin Mini comes in. Its more compact design means it will … Read more

Review Ravon Fidelio Mini Hi-Fi: Ravon Fidelio Mini Hi-Fi

Design The plethora of iPod / iPhone speaker sockets complicates the problem with the billions of buttons. Ravon’s Fidelio Mini Hi-Fi keeps things simple with a center stand that includes a volume wheel, mute buttons, and controls for switching between an iPod and an auxiliary input. The back of the dock provides audio output via … Read more

Review Hitachi G-Drive Mini (500GB): Hitachi G-Drive Mini (500GB)

You must hand it over to Hitachi; When releasing something called the G-Drive Mini, it tries very hard to make it looks exactly like G-Drive, but less. All it really lacks is a Kensington lock and an eSATA port, and otherwise it’s all intact: bottom heatsink; two FireWire 800 ports; one USB 2.0 port; a … Read more

HTC BoomBass is a portable mini speaker for your HTC One (hands-on photo)

BERLIN – With dual speakers on the front, the HTC One smartphone delivered some of the best noise you’ll get from the phone. If that’s not enough for you then check out BoomBass. This portable rechargeable speaker adds low-end quality to your HTC phone for a warmer, richer sound – at least in theory. There … Read more

Ninety7 Jot mobile battery base review for Google Home Mini: A reasonable Google Home Mini accessory at a reasonable price

Chris Monroe / CNET The Ninety7 Jot doesn’t do anything spectacular, but it doesn’t confirm it. It’s a battery-powered stand for the Google Home Mini ($ 49 at Walmart) smart speaker. If you already have a Google Home Mini, you can spend an extra $ 35 on the Jot to remove your Mini from its … Read more

ZTE Blade V8 Mini and Lite phones take fun photos at a lower cost

Cost-conscious buyers note: ZTE’s budget-friendly phones are growing. In Mobile World Congress In Barcelona today, ZTE introduced two mid-range phones from its Blade line. While none of the handsets are particularly notable in terms of specs and features, they promise to be easy to use. The first in the pair is the Blade V8 Mini. … Read more

Review of Bose SoundLink Revolve: Mini Bluetooth speaker, maximum sound

Cylindrical design, 360-degree omnidirectional sound. If you’ve been following the Bluetooth speaker space, you probably know that such descriptors are nothing new. Ultimate Ears leads the charge with 360 degrees Boom, Boom 2 and Megaboomand JBL’s popular cylinder Flip and Charge Their fourth generation loudspeaker series. They all promise full-range sound without having to worry … Read more