Apple Pencil 2: All about the iPad Pro’s magnetic accessory for 2018

The new Apple Pencil 2 is magnetic. Sarah Tew / CNET For Apple, the Pencil is more powerful than the index finger. Together with a pair New iPad Pro and a new MacBook Air ($ 550 at market end)Apple will launch the second generation version of Apple Pencilits accessories for iPad Pro 2018. The Apple … Read more

Oppo PM-3 review: Breakthrough $ 400 flat magnetic headset

Oppo has built its reputation on high-end DVD and Blu-ray players, but now it has entered the headphone market with its lineup. magnetic flat headphone. At $ 400 (£ 349, AU $ 549), the PM-3 is the cheapest model in current and one of the cheapest headphones to use flat magnetic drivers, which tend to … Read more

Apple’s new magnetic charging dock for Apple Watch works flat or in bedside mode

apple Apple makes a large number of its own accessories, but so far its only charger is for Apple Watch is the magnetic cable that comes with the watch. The Apple Watch magnetic charging dock is Apple’s more elegant solution for a desk or bedside table, and it’s on sale now at the Apple Store. … Read more

MagSafe on iPhone 12: I still want USB-C, but I was mistaken about Apple’s magnetic charger

MagSafe is a fast charger and it’s great. But it’s also proprietary and currently only available to the iPhone 12. Patrick Holland / CNET The iPhone 12 (and iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max) There is a new magnetic charging system called MagSafe (and First Generation MagSafe accessories officially available … Read more

The iMagnet Mount keeps the phone securely mounted using magnetic force

Josh Miller / CNET A unique concept of a phone holder for cars, iMagnet Stand for Smartphones, as the name implies, uses magnets to hold the smartphone in place, with no brackets or holders for phone. The stand includes a suction cup at one end to attach to the windshield or dashboard, a short, fixed … Read more

The unsightly iOauto holder grips the smartphone with magnetic force

The iOauto phone holder of iOmounts uses extremely powerful magnets to hold the phone in place. Josh Miller / CNET An important attribute of any smartphone holder for your car is how easily you can attach and detach your phone. iOmounts tries to solve this problem by using magnets in the new iOauto phone holder. … Read more

Infernal Innovations magnetic mount for fast smartphone access

A smartphone, with navigation and audio, makes a great driving companion, but for safe access while you’re on the go a car mount is required. good. Infernal Innovations’ versatile magnetic phone holder comes in this crowded space with a magnetic phone holder and a compact design. This stand is about 3 inches long, with a … Read more

Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable Review: Missed out on the MagSafe adapter on your new MacBook? Here is the solution

The MagSafe adapter has probably saved me from injury – I use the power cord all the time – in many cases. However, with Apple laptops now using all USB-C, the new MacBook is no longer manufactured with the MagSafe adapter. For an accident-prone guy like me, that’s a terrifying thought. While charging a computer … Read more

Samsung wants to trademark a magnetic bug dial, and what the hell is that?

USPTO Samsung has registered a trademark called “Samsung Magbee” and that’s a bit of a trick. Application, filed in November but still under examination by the US Patent and Trademark Office, describes the Magbee as a “magnetic bug” and a “sleek wireless dial wheel” for sound speakers bar and wireless audio. Illustrations of marks, like … Read more

RHA introduces the first Bluetooth flat magnetic in-ear headphones

The CL2 Planar doesn’t look too different from the company’s other wireless headphones. RHA Back in 2017, Audeze released iSine series earphones, the first in-ear headphones with flat magnetic driver, very coherent and spacious sound, with low distortion. And indeed, the iSine models sound great but look pretty interesting. The current RHA, a Scottish headphone … Read more