Lumen Mini supports Bluetooth lighting up Vegas

Now playing: Watch this: Lumen Mini supports Bluetooth lighting up Vegas 0:34 Tabu, the people behind Lumen bulb, added a new product to their LED service. It’s called the Lumen Mini, and as you might have guessed, it’s substantial less compared to the original. This compact bulb has bluetooth support and it will hit Kickstarter … Read more

Emberlight provides BYOB smart lighting system (bring your own bulb)

Emberlight Smart lighting certainly has a lot of appeal, but what if you invested in incandescent bulbs that promise decades of lifespan? San Francisco-based startup Emberlight thinks it has a solution, with an intellectual adapter that promises to make your existing bulb stock smart. Basically, the Emberlight is a smart light bulb without a light … Read more

Lutron adds an outdoor plug to its smart lighting lineup

The Lutron outdoor plug will be available in stores this March for $ 80. Lutron This story is part of CESwhere our editors bring you the latest news and the hottest gadgets of the completely virtual CES 2021. Lutron has been long one of our top tested brands of smart lightingThanks in no small part … Read more

Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit Review: More of these bulbs than just their smart stuff

After this review was first published, TCP reduced their LED luminaire prices from $ 169 to $ 142. They also announced exclusive pricing options on their products through partnerships with Home Depot, where kits are currently on sale for just $ 109.99. Reviews have been updated to reflect developments in prices. Smart home options keep … Read more

Philips lighting up the aesthetics with the new Clear LED light (practice)

The ghosts on today’s LEDs aren’t just there for a softer light – they also hide the unsightly hardware inside. But what if you’re a fan of exposed bulb aesthetics and are looking for a worthy alternative to your bathroom mirror’s translucent incandescent panels? Philips claims it has this with its new LED Clear, a … Read more

Light Sentry monitors your indoor lighting needs

Sonne Industries Light Sentry is a new Kickstarter campaign launched by Sonne Industries. The main components include a hub, a natural light sensor and a gizmo (known as a mobile power gate) that acts as an intermediary between your connected lighting device and the mids. center. This hardware is designed to help you with automation … Read more

Samsung enters the smart lighting game with a Bluetooth enabled LED bulb

Samsung We heard whispers at CES that Samsung will make some smart lighting moves in 2014, and in March the tech giant officially announced a Bluetooth enabled smart LED. new. We learned a little more last week at Lightfair International, where Samsung introduced the new bulb as part of its expanded lighting product line, highlighting … Read more

Lutron Smart Bridge review: This Wi-Fi hub narrows the smart lighting gap

The $ 150 Lutron Smart Bridge turns Lutron’s non-smart dimmers into Wi-Fi enabled home automation products. While the Smart Bridge and the respective app work incredibly well, $ 150 for light blurring is too much. Earn an extra $ 55 for a single two-socket dimmer plug and you’ve spent over $ 200 controlling up to … Read more

GE jumped into smart lighting with linked LEDs

GE Editor’s Note: Updated on Saturday, June 28 to include additional pricing information. GE introduced its new Link Connected LED brand today, adding itself to its growing list of manufacturers releasing smart lighting options in 2014. New LEDs are expected. Will hit more than 2,000 Home Depots in the US this fall. GE also told … Read more

Philips brings smart LEDs to the new Hue Beyond lighting devices

Philips’ Place Hue connecting bulb Having given you individual LEDs to add to any traditional socket, the company’s new Hue Beyond series, announced today, directly integrates the Dutch company’s smart LED technology into an expensive hard-wired luminaire. Starting at £ 299 for a table lamp without a hub (for those already own one) and up … Read more