Samsung LED UA46C8000 Review: Samsung LED UA46C8000

The C8000-series is unique among Samsung’s current edge-to-edge 2D and 3D TVs as it is the only TV model to feature local dimming – highly sought after for improved blacks. Despite the performance boost, these panels retain a slim profile through ultra-thin bezels and continue to come with loads of features. These include 2D to … Read more

Insteon LED bulb review: Value and usability shines with this smart bulb

Light bulbs have long been seen as a symbol of good ideas, and that’s exactly how Insteon hopes you’ll see its LED bulb. For starters, Insteon LED Bulbs will shine brightly like a 60W incandescent bulb while using only 8 watts of energy, ranking it on par with other energy efficient LED bulbs. But this … Read more

Philips SceneSwitch BR30 LED review: 3 bulbs in 1 with this smart headlight

The Philips “SceneSwitch” LED bulb line promises versatility with just the flip of the switch. Each one has three different lighting settings – to switch between them, you just need to turn the bulb off and on again. You can cycle through three different lighting settings by turning the SceneSwitch LED off and on again. … Read more

LG LS4600 series review: LG LED TV does not deliver

When LED TVs came out in full swing a few years ago, many consumers believed, mistakenly, and with help from advertisers, that the technology was automatically better than LCD. Although LED lighting has a number of benefits, but Will not necessarily give you better image quality. The LG 47LS4600 LED is a case in point: … Read more

Sony XBR-HX950 series review: Top LED images of 2012, it’s hard to love

If you forget, for a brief, unhappy, benevolent moment of existence Sharp’s Elite And a few 75 inch, 80 inchand 84-inch LCD screen, Sony XBR-HX950 is the most expensive big brand TV of the year. It’s more expensive than any 2012 TV in its size and offers less gimmicky features – no voice and gesture … Read more

Sony’s R550 LED TV plays beautifully with DirecTV, NFC

Sony LAS VEGAS – Sony’s TV line for 2013 is smaller, some say “more focused” than in previous years, but the company is still introducing some selective improvements in even the range KDL-R550A. your middle. This TV plays well with others, namely satellite provider DirecTV and any (Not Apple, thank you very muchtablets and smartphones … Read more

Lumen LED Color smart bulb review: Smart, but still a bit dim

In an era when people were starting to expect more from their lights, we have seen Philips offering wireless color control for LED bulb HueNot to mention some competition from emerging crowdfunding companies such as Lifx and iLumi. The current, Lumenation want to have fun with the Lumen LED Color Smart Bulb, a color-changing bulb … Read more

GE Bright Stik LED Review: Damn Edison: GE’s New Cheap LED Light Bulb Was Not A Light Bulb

It’s been a busy year in the lighting industry, with the launch of new, low-cost LED bulbs that promise to cut down on electricity in your home without breaking the bank. GE’s latest product is the Bright Stik LED, which is completely beneficial for push-window construction. Cost: $ 10 for a trio of bulbs (a … Read more

Sengled is also building an LED for smart speaker that has a listening function

Sengled voice-controlled LED lights. Tyler Lizenby / CNET Sengled has been making double-speaker smart bulbs for a few years now, but their next bulb will also listen. Still an early prototype, this bulb is a Sengled voice LED and Sengled said we’ll start seeing it in the second half of this year, with prices still … Read more