IPhone SE review (once again): 2016’s amazing little phone remained awesome in 2017

Update, April 22, 2019: There is a new one iPhone SE for 2020 costs $ 399. Original story follows. My wife needs a new phone. She’s been using a 2011 iPhone 4S for years and it just hangs there – hardly. The battery is slowly getting worse. Slow browsing speed. She cannot be upgraded to … Read more

T-Mobile is aggressive, halving the iPhone 11 even for existing customers

The iPhone 11 is getting a pretty good discount at T-Mobile, even for existing customers, if you have an old iPhone business. James Martin / CNET With New iPhone set to pre-order on Friday, “buy one get one free” deals are starting to emerge from carriers and retailers. These deals are nothing new, offer great … Read more

Apple now has a prototype foldable iPhone display, the report said

Apple may be looking to add a foldable phone to its lineup. Andrew Hoyle / CNET Apple has started to develop a foldable iPhone, Bloomberg reported on Friday. So far, the tech giant has only worked on a prototype display with no specific plan for a launch date, the report citing unnamed sources. This foldable … Read more

The widgets on the Galaxy S21 vs. iPhone 12: Samsung One UI 3 beats iOS 14

This story is part of CESwhere our editors bring you the latest news and the hottest gadgets of the completely virtual CES 2021. In Samsung Unpacked on Thursday we finally saw Galaxy S21 series, complete with new camera features and a big sale. Samsung is also showing a change in software: The widgets on many … Read more

Sony RDP-X50iPBLK Speaker Stand for iPod & iPhone Review: Sony RDP-X50iPBLK Speaker Stand for iPod & iPhone

Editors notes: The Sony RDP-X50iP is basically a cheaper version of Sony RDP-XF100iP sacrificing features such as battery operation, FM radio, OLED display and EQ. There are also some design adjustments, such as the use of the mechanical buttons at the top instead of the touch controls, and the addition of a bass boost button … Read more

Apple iPhone 4 Verizon Wireless Review: Apple iPhone 4 Verizon Wireless

Editors notes: We updated this review on March 10, 2011 with additional test results. On October 4, 2010, Apple added an 8GB version of the iPhone 4. On October 25, 2011, we lowered the ratings of iPhone 4 after the release of iPhone 4S. Yes, it’s finally here. After nearly four years of relentless speculation, … Read more

Sonos WD100 Wireless Dock Review for iPod or iPhone (white): Sonos WD100 Wireless Dock for iPod or iPhone (white)

Sonos sound systems have really gained popularity in recent years thanks to one simple but important addition: the free iOS app can turn any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into an on-screen remote. Sonos touch screen. (The Iphone phone and iPad application will soon be joined by an app for Android phones.) But thanks to … Read more

Reviews on Ballistic LifeStyle Smooth Series for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S: Ballistic LifeStyle Smooth Series for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S

I love the feel of the abrasive rubber cases, but avocado users like me will only smash the Gorilla Glass of the iPhone if they don’t pay attention to the durability. Ballistic’s mission statement is to create durable cases with its branding traits: hard bodies and four soft silicone corners that literally help it bounce … Read more

Reviews on Headcase Bottle Opener Case for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S (black): Headcase Bottle Opener Case Phone for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S (black)

It’s hard to resist toying with an iPhone case with a haughty look like an iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S Bottle Cap ($ 19.99). Headcase has been making bottle openers for a variety of phones for a while now, but there’s something about handling the stainless steel mouth protruding of the can opener to actually … Read more

Review Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 4: Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 4

The idea of ​​professional-quality camera add-ons for the iPhone sounds silly, but there’s certainly a market for those that help the camera go beyond its inherent limitations. And that’s how you get the Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee. Smoothee was originally announced in 2010 (we tested the mount for iPhone 4 / 4S) and it works just … Read more