Patriot Aero Wireless Mobile Drive Review: Fast and capable but not innovative

The Aero wireless portable drive is Patriot’s answer to Corsair’s Voyager Air and Seagate’s Wireless Plus. This device is essentially a bus-powered USB 3.0 portable drive with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and internal battery to provide external storage, with HD streaming, for up to five clients. wireless at the same time. The Aero is closer to … Read more

Meta smartwatch practice: innovative design responsive to features at a glance

Now playing: Watch this: The Meta smartwatch set high goals for its design 1:18 Now Pebble steel and Samsung Gear Fit has begun to create a new landscape for taller design wearables, which could have room for more. The new Meta smartwatch, seen here, is a complete design improvement from the very first MetaWatch Strata … Read more

Simple.TV review: The DVR of the wire cutter is cheap, innovative, but limited

Make no mistake: cutting the cord is a compromise. Abandon endless channels and the convenience of cable or satellite subscription no painBut the downside is that you’ll save quite a bit of money. Simple.TV ($ 150) is a wireless DVR for those with high bargaining power. It embodies a unique concept, recording television signals over … Read more

RoboReel Mobile Wiring Review: The innovative power cord goes deep into the wallet

Essentially, the RoboReel is a $ 279 retractable extension cord, but it’s a very interesting $ 279 retractable extension cord. Allow me to explain. Physically, the Great Stuff’s spherical RoboReel is about the size of a basketball, bright orange safe to create the illusion. The plastic main unit is held in place by a metal … Read more

Fan TV is an innovative solution to a TV experience

Fanhattan The television had to be broken, because people tried to fix it. Fanhattan has joined the long list of companies that aim to “simplify the TV experience”, with the announcement of Fan TV, a small streaming box designed to integrate cable TV, video streaming and DVR recording through a single interface. The pebblelike box … Read more

BeOn Starter Pack Review: The peace of mind about high prices from BeOn’s innovative smart bulbs

BeOn’s offering: a smarter light bulb. Each one has a yellow module that turns right into the center of the bulb; That module includes a backup battery that allows the lights to light up without a power supply, doorbell microphone or anti-theft alarm, and a Bluetooth radio that lets you sync things up with your … Read more