Review Belkin WeMo Light Switch: Home automation for DIY addicts

Editor’s Note, July 19, 18: WeMo has begun implementing new Apple HomeKit software authentication, allowing WeMo devices to connect to Apple HomeKit on their own without the need WeMo Bridge plugged into your router. So far, the only WeMo utility to upgrade is Smart switch WeMo Mini, though WeMo told us that WeMo Dimmer light … Read more

Belkin adds WeMo Insight Switch to its home automation line (first grab)

Belkin Belkin announced a new WeMo product last week, similar to the existing WeMo Switch but with a pretty big twist. It’s called the WeMo Insight Switch, and it’ll cost you $ 10 more than Belkin’s current WeMo Switch. So what $ 10 does Insight Switch give you? The existing $ 49 WeMo switch allows … Read more

Ooma’s home monitoring system will call 911 for you

Ooma motion sensor. Ooma As you might expect with a smart home system, Ooma’s sensors will notify you if something is out of the ordinary. However, the sensors won’t just notify you. Ooma motion detectors, water detectors or door and window sensors can all call 911 on their own. Ooma made a name for itself … Read more

Ninety7 Jot mobile battery base review for Google Home Mini: A reasonable Google Home Mini accessory at a reasonable price

Chris Monroe / CNET The Ninety7 Jot doesn’t do anything spectacular, but it doesn’t confirm it. It’s a battery-powered stand for the Google Home Mini ($ 49 at Walmart) smart speaker. If you already have a Google Home Mini, you can spend an extra $ 35 on the Jot to remove your Mini from its … Read more

Denon’s Home Sound Bar 550 boasts Dolby Atmos and Smart Alexa

Sound United This story is part of CESwhere our editors bring you the latest news and the hottest gadgets of the completely virtual CES 2021. Denon has announced the Home Sound Bar all-in-one Smart 550 ($ 599) now CES Which includes support for Dolby Atmos/DTS: X and 4K HDMI (eARC). Denon says the soundbar has … Read more

The best low cost gaming keyboard to enhance your home work experience

A gaming keyboard that will improve your performance and make gaming more enjoyable won’t cost more than $ 100. Starting at $ 36, we tested a few options and found that all but one worked really well for the money – perhaps no surprise. cheapest which we will not recommend. Even you work from home … Read more

Genesis GV80 3.5T 2021 Review: A Leading Road Home

Those two-slot headlights work wonders on just about anything. Andrew Krok / Roadshow No one really great on something they’re trying for the first time, but Genesis is working to counter that trend. The Genesis GV80 2021 is the Korean automaker’s first ever SUV, and just like the heavily revised G80, this midsize luxury SUV … Read more

The best home products for winter 2021: Coffee makers, fireplaces and other cozy gadgets

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is here. For me, that evokes an image of warm drinks and comfort food. So I have compiled the list of smart home devices for this winter, from Oxo Brew 8 cup coffee machine come Philips Hue Lily outdoor spotlight – and many other cool things. All … Read more