Urbanears Plattan Headset Review: Urbanears Plattan Headphones

Editor’s Note, Jan. 25, 2010: We initially miscalculated the ratings for this product. Overall correct rating is 6.0; Design is 7, Feature is 7 and Performance is 4. It’s nothing new, but the headphone makers’ trend in developing the newest “fashion transition” model saw a dramatic increase late in the year. Newcomers to Urbanears provide … Read more

Thinksound Rain Headset Review: Thinksound Rain Headphones

Portable electronics are not known to be particularly environmentally friendly, mainly due to the materials that make them up and the degree of difficulty handling them. The headphones are definitely low impact low with long plastic wire and metal, plastic and silicone components. However, Thinksound is aiming to change all of that with two new … Read more

Review Motorola Bluetooth Headset H720: Motorola Bluetooth Headset H720

Motorola must be in love with the flip microphone as the company is constantly releasing headphones with that design. The Motorola H720 is a recent example of this, and indeed, it shares its flip design H17, the H15and its predecessor, H710. While the H720’s design isn’t new, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good headset. … Read more

BlueAnt Smart Bluetooth Headset Q2 Review: BlueAnt Smart Bluetooth Headset Q2

BlueAnt continues to expand its voice-controlled headset lineup with BlueAnt Q2, the successor to the much-acclaimed product. Q1 that it introduced last year. The Q2 is dubbed the “smart” headset designed to take advantage of most smartphones (especially the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry handsets) with voice control features. and text-to-speech advanced, but it should work … Read more

Noontec Zoro Headset Review: A bargain for audiophile

The Noontec Zoro headphones are unusual in a number of ways, although some people will focus on their styling first. The high-gloss finish and smooth headband mimic the look of the The beats of Dr. Dre SoloBut the resemblance ends there. The Zoro headphones don’t sound like Solos – Zoros isn’t bass heavy and has … Read more

Bose SoundLink round-the-ear Bluetooth headset review (formerly Bose AE2w): Expensive but impressive (for Bluetooth)

Editors notes: When this product was initially evaluated, it was called Bose AE2w. Bose has renamed it the Bose SoundLink Around-the-Ear Bluetooth Headset. Anyone interested in this product should check out the Bose SoundLink On-Ear Headset, announced in the fall of 2014. Bose surprises her first Bluetooth headset, the AE2w. I’m not sure why, but … Read more

Sony MDR-7506 headset review: Around 1991 and still great

Introduced in 1991, the Sony MDR-7506 has long been a favorite headset for recording engineers and other audio professionals. The origins of its design date go back even further, as the MDR-7506 is, in fact, a renewal of the Sony MDR-V6 launched in 1985. Both models are designed for the professional market, but are still … Read more

Bose QuietControl 30 review: The ultimate neckband-style Bluetooth headset

Think of Bose’s QuietControl 30 ($ 300, £ 230 or AU $ 449) as the ultimate neckband-style Bluetooth headset. (It’s the style that looks like a horseshoe hanging on the back of one’s neck, which LG pioneered with its best-selling product. Chain of melodies.) Because it’s an in-ear model, a lot of people, myself included, … Read more

UA JBL True Wireless Flash Headset Review: The great sports headset has only one blemish

JBL and Under Armor bill their new True Wireless Flash ($ 170) as “designed for runners” completely wireless sports headphones. They’re technically the first true wireless earbuds from this duo, and as far as true wireless sports headphones go, they’re pretty good, though some of their appeal is created by a Sizable charging box can … Read more