Feit Electric HomeBrite Bluetooth Smart LED Review: Feit’s Brightest Idea: Better Bluetooth Bulbs

Centres. Who needs them? Not Feit, that’s for sure. Last year, the manufacturer gave me a glimpse of the HomeBrite brand of smart LED lights that use a Bluetooth network to sync with your phone and with each other. That means you don’t need a control center plugged into your router to control everything. The … Read more

Feit’s Original Classic Style LED Review: A nostalgic novelty from a lamp that looks old

Today, nostalgia is big business and even your light bulb wants. Enter a growing “classic” LED with a wig to mimic the classic look of last year’s incandescent lamps. Distinct but effective, these classic looking bulbs want to bring the light of the early 20th century into the early 21st century. Feit has been particularly … Read more