Review Wilson Electronics Sleek: Wilson Electronics Sleek

Our problem with Wilson Electronics cell phone boosters has never been their performance – they actually do quite well – but with a cumbersome and complicated setup. Although company Portable professional amplifier Since 2008 is relatively compact, we are accustomed to products like Cradle Kit wireless amplifier involves a few parts. Fortunately, Wilson continued to … Read more

NAD Electronics D 3020 hybrid digital amplifier review: Best AV receiver replacement solution

Built-in amplifiers have been around for decades, but they have quietly become a viable alternative to AV receivers, thanks to today’s TVs. offers extensive conversion capabilities and many more built-in amplifiers including an optical audio input. It’s the scene we reviewed the NAD D 3020 ($ 500 street), along with a number of other built-in … Read more

The 2017 Jaguar F-Pace works like a sports car, but the electronics on the dashboard are a disaster.

I was on my final day with the 2017 F-Pace S, Jaguar’s first SUV, enjoying British luxury when the navigation system turns itself on. The new InControl Touch Pro infotainment system once frozen to me, now it has decided to take me to Target, a destination I entered the day before. At first, I wasn’t … Read more

Wilson Electronics Wireless Amplifier Crib Kit Review: Wilson Electronics Wireless Amplifier Crib Kit

When we reviewed the Wilson Electronics SignalBoost Mobile Amplifier earlier this year, we were impressed with how it enhanced our mobile reception in areas with coverage. remarkable how. Previously, we had difficulty getting a consistent signal, SignalBoost made it possible to make calls. However, we didn’t like the way we had to use a wired … Read more

Wilson Electronics iBooster (iPhone) review: Wilson Electronics iBooster (iPhone)

Wilson Electronics has a good track record with cell phone signal booster So it’s no surprise that the company introduces a product designed specifically for the Apple iPhone. Wilson Electronics iBooster offers a user-friendly design and it fulfills your promise of enhancing iPhone reception. However, those pluses come at a price – both literally and … Read more

Review of Tigers Electronics Giada N10: Tigers Electronics Giada N10

Design Tigers Electronics’ Giada N10 is a personal computer with an ultra-thin case. When we first unpacked the device we were quite nervous, as it comes in a very bright pink box. While the pink products are clearly selling well enough to ensure they are included in certain product lines, an all-pink desktop PC may … Read more

LG Electronics Bluetooth Headset HBM-235 review: LG Electronics Bluetooth Headset HBM-235

Cheap Bluetooth headsets do exist, but keep in mind that you won’t get a top-end product for the price. For example, the LG HBM-235 is as basic as today’s Bluetooth headphones, with no A2DP streaming and no fancy design. But it’s very affordable with a retail price of just $ 39.99, plus you can buy … Read more

Review GE Artistry Electronics Series: A Classic Look For Design-minded Chefs with GE Artistry Series

What do you expect from a $ 600 oven? If you answer, “Not much”, I really wouldn’t blame you. At $ 600, you’ll have a hard time finding notable features or designs – no convection settings, no classy finishes, no smart features. $ 600 is the price of those boring, unremarkable ovens that can get … Read more

Let Neeo perfect all of your home electronics

Neeo Neeo embraces other smart home hubs with minimalistic design and the ability to translate many popular protocol languages ​​- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Theme. And, instead of just offering a dedicated app for Android and iOS, Neeo also has a physical remote. Although Neeo claims to work with “tens of thousands” of devices, it … Read more

Tight handling and new electronics make the 2016 Honda Civic a compact star

The Ford Mustang boasts 51 years of continuous production, and Chevrolet Corvette 63 years. The Honda Civic may not boast the same performance as those iconic sports cars, but it is at the same level in American automotive history with 43 years of production. And now, the 10th generation debuted as the 2016 Honda Civic. … Read more