Amazon Echo Show Review: The Alexa touchscreen looks incomplete

Editor’s Note, September 20, 2018: Amazon has introduced one New Echo Show with a larger display and integration directly with Amazon’s Fire TV streaming service. It ships on October 11. Editor’s Note, Oct. 26, 2017: Since introducing the Exhibition in June 2017, Amazon has development of the Echo smart speaker line, refresh some older models … Read more

New Amazon Echo improvements over the original, discounted

Three years after launching the original, Amazon decided the right time to refresh its flagship smart speaker, Amazon Echo is voice activated. The second generation has come to find a landscape brimming with new competitors – not just Google Home, but also Apple HomePodplatform-agnostic Sonos One, Invitations provided by Cortana from Harman Kardon and countless … Read more

The best low cost Alexa devices for 2021: Wyze Bulbs, Echo Flex, and more

Dozens of new smart home devices launch each fall and the end of 2020 are no different, with new products from Amazon, Google, Apple and smaller brands. For Amazon in particular, Echo smart speaker is one of the best home integration products we’ve seen for many years and that means the potential for a well-oiled … Read more

Magellan Echo talks to fitness apps on iPhone to help you keep track of your fitness progress

Magellan Echo tracks exercises and links with iPhone apps. Brian Bennett / CNET BARCELONA, Spain – Magellan introduces its Echo fitness smartwatch now MWC 2014 which at $ 149.99 won’t put a lot of money in your wallet but is smart enough to sync up with iOS devices. The Echo uses a simple LCD screen … Read more

Vizio SB4551-D5 review: Sound bar with flat subwoofer creates a sweet, discreet echo

Speakers are often designed to capture the eye rather than the ears. That’s why many modern sound bars are incredibly small – just an inch tall. However, they still sound better than the speakers in your TV and are best able to produce full sound thanks to separate subwoofers that you can keep in a … Read more

The Fremo Evo battery facility gives the Amazon Echo Dot an upgrade in portability

The Amazon Echo Dot is a small, canopy version of the original, full-size version Amazon Echo smart speaker. It’s a low cost access point for Alexa voice assistant can connect to external speakers via Bluetooth or via the input jack, but it doesn’t have a built-in battery. That means you’ll need to be plugged in … Read more

UE Blast Review: A portable Echo with better sound

In recent years, the Ultimate Ears Boom speaker has been one of our favorite portable Bluetooth speakers. Compact and well designed, they deliver loud sound for their small size and are especially well suited for outdoor use thanks to their waterproof design. So we’re excited when the company introduces the next generation of its Blast … Read more

The best budget Alexa devices of 2021: From Wyze Bulbs to Echo Flex

Dozens of new smart home devices launch each fall, and 2020 is no different than Amazon, Google, Apple, and smaller brand devices. For Amazon in particular, Echo smart speaker is one of the best home integrators we’ve seen in years, and that means the potential for a well-oiled concert home is higher than ever. Over … Read more

Echo Dot vs. Nest Mini: Put smart speakers from Amazon and Google to the test

This fall has brought New smart speaker and screen from tech giants like Google, Amazon and apple. The first two companies, Google and Amazon, compete in a unique way – with cheap smart speakers. The $ 50 smart speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot and the Nest Mini (both currently on sale at a lower … Read more