Polaroid 300 As part of nostalgia, Polaroid 300 does an excellent job at reminding us of the joy of instant photography even when the cost per print is enough to squash most users. .

Polaroid 300 As part of nostalgia, Polaroid 300 does an excellent job at reminding us of the joy of instant photography even when the cost per print is enough to squash most users. .

The best low cost gaming keyboard to enhance your home work experience

A gaming keyboard that will improve your performance and make gaming more enjoyable won’t cost more than $ 100. Starting at $ 36, we tested a few options and found that all but one worked really well for the money – perhaps no surprise. cheapest which we will not recommend. Even you work from home … Read more

BeatsX Review: BeatsX combines AirPods technology in a neckband style headset for a lower cost

Like ‘I hate’ you, Apple AirPods They have been the gossip of the headphone world since they were announced together iPhone 7 and 7 Plus back in September 2016. But there’s another Apple wireless headset from the company’s Beats by Dre subsidiary that also received a big hit: BeatsX ($ 150, £ 130, AU $ … Read more

ZTE Blade V8 Mini and Lite phones take fun photos at a lower cost

Cost-conscious buyers note: ZTE’s budget-friendly phones are growing. In Mobile World Congress In Barcelona today, ZTE introduced two mid-range phones from its Blade line. While none of the handsets are particularly notable in terms of specs and features, they promise to be easy to use. The first in the pair is the Blade V8 Mini. … Read more

The best low cost Alexa devices for 2021: Wyze Bulbs, Echo Flex, and more

Dozens of new smart home devices launch each fall and the end of 2020 are no different, with new products from Amazon, Google, Apple and smaller brands. For Amazon in particular, Echo smart speaker is one of the best home integration products we’ve seen for many years and that means the potential for a well-oiled … Read more

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro Review: A better hybrid HD with a lower cost

The best example of a first generation Windows 8 hybrid computer is Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, a smart foldable tablet that is preferred by most people at both 13 inches and 11 inch version (let’s not mention it 11-inch Windows RT variant). It’s a tough act to follow, but top flags for Windows 8.1 The era … Read more

ZTE Open C Review: Low cost, equal to the price of performance

How low cost can you use your smartphone? With the ZTE Open C, the answer is: pretty low. With cheap parts, simple specs, and Firefox’s purely Web-based operating system, the ZTE Open C slips into eBay for extremely friendly $ 90, £ 70 and € 85 respectively. wallet. It is also available through other distributors … Read more

Low cost Clime sensors bring home automation to the masses

Laboratory Vorm The duo Bart Zimny ​​and Andrzej Pawlikowski from Krakow, Poland are developing a mini battery-operated sensor called Clime. These gizmos are said to be able to measure things like temperature, humidity, light, motion, CO2, pressure, and color. And setup seems as simple as sticking a Clime sensor onto a surface and allowing it … Read more

Toshiba Chromebook 2 Review: Impressive Chromebook for the cost

A big part of the Chromebook’s appeal is their price, which usually doesn’t exceed the $ 300 or £ 300 mark. However, the low price is often not the same as great build quality or design, something Toshiba improved with the second round, the cleverly named Chromebook 2. Toshiba’s first Chromebook looks nice enough, but … Read more

Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2 review: Sony’s Android high-resolution music player sounds great, but it will cost money

36 years ago, the Sony Walkman brand appeared and then dominated most of the 80s and early 90s, helping to popularize cassettes along the way. The next Discman was able to take some of that momentum into the CD era, but in the early 2000s Sony ran into a huge flop – its proprietary formats … Read more