Osmo’s Monster turns children’s real life drawings into digital art

Osmo wants your child’s artwork to be saved for posterity, not just the yellow stains on the refrigerator door. The company manufactures educational technology products and accessories, including a line of drawing and programming tools for the iPad. Its latest bundle, called Creative Set, incorporates a new app, called Monster, with a whiteboard, highlighter, and … Read more

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet Children’s Bluetooth Headset Review: These headphones can save your child’s hearing and your sanity

I have hesitated about buying headphones for my child. Growing up in the 80’s, I had my first time Walker when I was 10 years old and no one stopped me volume up — Me too. I also never really stopped, at least until I realized that I kept asking people to repeat themselves and … Read more

The best children’s electric car toys of 2021

Do you have a human (or maybe adventurous pets) that you’re trying to get excited about in cars? Well, unless you’re independently rich and plan to build the next Senna by funding their racing career, a battery-powered car is the next best thing. Like everything today, vehicles have become cheaper and offer more options for … Read more

MiiPC children’s Android calculator allowing parents to use apps (hands-on)

Luke Westaway / CNET BERLIN – Do your naughty kids keep playing Angry Birds when they have to do their homework or use Wikipedia to review for the test? MiiPC can put an end to those woes for parents. This Kickstarter-sponsored box, on display at The IFA trade show in Berlin, is an Android calculator … Read more

The virtual pet meets the children’s fitness band

Guess who has entered the world of wristband technology? Leapfrog, a maker of tablets and other learning toys for young children, has revealed LeapBand, a children’s fitness toy. I had a chance to see one during a press preview and what it definitely looked like: a virtual pet bred with a fitness tracker. And, in … Read more

Samsung SEW-3043W BrightView HD Childrens Video Surveillance System Review: Samsung Baby Monitor boasts more features at a premium price

Buying a baby monitor can be difficult. These gadgets range in price from $ 100 to $ 250 and their features are everywhere. Some have recorded stories to read to your child when they go to sleep; others do not even have night vision. Either way, finding the right product is always a balance game … Read more

Motorola MBP36S wireless remote children’s monitor review: Motorola’s baby monitor can’t fulfill its promises

When I first unzipped Baby monitor Motorola and power on, I was surprised to see the base station monitor that you watch your child Sync instantly with camera view. Talk about quick setup. However, the following week when testing the product, the first impression was broken and left me an overall negative opinion about the … Read more

The octopus children’s smartwatch teaches tykes how to stick to a schedule

Help your child understand the importance of following the schedule by using the app. Xiomara Blanco / CNET If your kids are jealous of your fancy Apple Watch, they should give it a try Octopus watch about size. It’s a kid’s smartwatch that looks just as glamorous as an Apple Watch, albeit smaller, more colorful, … Read more

Dell Inspiron 27 7000 Review: All-in-one children’s or dorm for an upgrade

Sarah Tew / CNET With narrow bezels and a sleek new design, Dell 2019 Inspiron 27 7000 The All-in-One’s minimalist look allows it to blend perfectly with almost any living space whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, living room, office or university dorm room. The 27-inch screen, opening stand and soundbar-style stereo speakers give it the … Read more