Instagram’s new 4-way group video chat lets you browse

Instagram Instagram could be worth more than 100 billion dollars, and have 1 billion users per month. So it’s no surprise the company will roll out its own group video chat service, separate from Facebook owners. What might surprise you: You’ll be able to keep browsing Instagram while chatting with your three friends – thanks … Read more

Skype vs. Zoom: Which video chat app is the best?

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Review Facebook Messenger for Android: No more SMS, but lots of chat features

Editor’s Note, March 25, 2015: This review has been updated to include additional features in the latest version of the app. Facebook Message (Android | iOS | Windows Phone) is a standalone application that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends, send them photos and stickers and even make free VoIP calls to your … Read more

Google Hangouts Review: Chat and make video calls from one app

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Review Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone: Chat on Facebook is almost perfect

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BBM (Windows Phone) review: BBM on Windows Phone is still inferior to chat packages

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FreeTone Review: A free chat and calling app with too many hidden costs

FreeTone (iOS|Android) is a cross-platform application that allows you to call or text any US phone number for free, regardless of the number of minutes available on your mobile plan. Instead, FreeTone acts as a VoIP solution, using your data connection to support voice and video calls, along with sending text messages. Think of it … Read more