Dodge Charger Redeye 2021 review: When in doubt, turn off the power

That color? It is called Hellraisin. Steven Ewing / Roadshow At this point, Dodge might be selling the Current Charger for another decade and I don’t think anyone would mind. The company has honed a simple yet effective strategy of gradually revamping its old full-size sedan with exciting styling updates and one thing everyone loves: … Read more

Nexus 4 wireless charger review: More charging, less features

Induction, also known as wireless charging technology, is slowly developing on today’s smartphones and LG Nexus 4 is one of the lucky handsets. Therefore, LG has created an inductive power solution specifically designed for its popular Android device. Called the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger and sold by Google for $ 59.99, this useful gadget powers … Read more

Garmin Vivofit review: Long battery life in a fitness band, no charger needed

I have been using Garmin Vivofit for the past month and I have never had to charge it once. Can I talk about other features of Garmin’s $ 130 (£ 100, AU $ 159) Bluetooth wireless fitness band – its smart automatic daily goal adjustment, dynamic creation trick power, shower-friendly, it even works with the … Read more

Upp Fuel Cell Charger Review: Future fuel cell chargers are still not suitable for older model batteries

Clean energy can change the world, which is why so many people are excited about fuel cell technology. The Upp Fuel Battery Charger was one of the first consumer fuel cell products, converting hydrogen into electricity without any harmful by-products to charge your phone when you’re away from home. Upp is a USB charger in … Read more

The Novelsys Ampere wireless charger makes a lot of sense

All Ampere hoses are ready and awaiting support from Kickstarter. Aloysius Low / CNET There are plenty of wireless chargers for your smartphones on the market today, but Singapore-based Singapore-based startup Novelsys hopes you will take a look at what they’ll have to offer. Kickstarter for $ 79 (this converts to about £ 50 or … Read more

Tylt Ribbn is a high-end, expensive USB car charger for power users

Antuan Goodwin / CNET I’ve been using the Tylt Ribbn for a few weeks now and when the car USB charger came out, it was pretty cool. The Ribbn is a 12 volt smartphone 4.8A charger for smartphones with a flat 3 foot (1m) ribbon cable. At the end of the cable is a micro-USB … Read more

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro review: A pocket Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a flashlight / charger

Over the past few months, we’ve reviewed some small Bluetooth speakers, some better than others. What’s cool about Outdoor Tech’s Buckshot Pro, which retails for $ 80 and comes in a wide variety of color options, is how versatile it is. In addition to being a pocket-sized waterproof wireless speaker (IPX5), the Buckshot Pro can … Read more

Is Belkin’s Soundform Elite smart speaker or wireless phone charger? That is both!

Tyler Lizenby / CNET It’s hard to judge the quality of a speaker while hundreds of reporters argue, but Belkin’s brand new Soundform Elite smart speaker still keeps me excited. Introducing the device at CES, the world’s largest consumer technology show, Belkin hopes that the addition of wireless phone charging will help their speakers stand … Read more

MagSafe on iPhone 12: I still want USB-C, but I was mistaken about Apple’s magnetic charger

MagSafe is a fast charger and it’s great. But it’s also proprietary and currently only available to the iPhone 12. Patrick Holland / CNET The iPhone 12 (and iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max) There is a new magnetic charging system called MagSafe (and First Generation MagSafe accessories officially available … Read more

MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12 that you can buy right now: Charger, case, wallet

New Apple iPhone 12 The lineup comes with a revamped but refreshed feature named MagSafe. The fast charge function works as a capacity of the standard Qi wireless charger on the iPhone (15 watts versus 7.5 watts). It also has a built-in magnetic shutter button to optimize alignment for better charging – similar to how … Read more