2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Review: Once again the rider’s car

The Honda Civic has long been one of the most economical cars on the market. For most of its history, it has earned acclaim for providing an economical ride without a hitch when the driver wants to have some fun. However, around the turn of this century, something felt … off. The seventh generation seems … Read more

Best Affordable Sports Car – Roadshow

Antuan Goodwin / Roadshow Sports cars come in many types and designs at different prices. While the term may evoke images of fast, exotic, and often expensive cars like the McLaren or Ferrari, there are interesting cars that won’t break the bank. Check out nine of our editors’ favorite sports cars. Chevy Corvette Grand Sport … Read more

Griffin AirCurve Window Mount – car rack review: Griffin AirCurve Window Mount – car holder

AirCurve ships with four glossy, black parts: the base itself, a 3.5-inch plastic arm connected to the base by an inner ball joint, and a pair of plastic clips for mounting the windshield and dashboard. AirCurve fastens iPhone with two spring-loaded arms, which help to hold the phone in place on a pair of hollow … Read more

Auto Lab Review Auto: Driving Assistant is like Nike FuelBand for your car

What does it actually do?Automated Laboratory Automation and its companion smartphone app aim to make tracking your vehicle performance as simple as tracking your personal performance with Fitbit or one Nike FuelBand. As you drive, the Auto sensors – plugged into the vehicle’s diagnostic port – track your fuel economy, acceleration, deceleration, and speed. At … Read more

Bolt Power K3 Mini Portable Car Boot Review: K3 Mini Car Starter And Can Charge iPhone Six Times

Editors notes: Parts of this review were copied from CNET’s review of the Bolt Power D28 portable jump starter kit. The K3 Mini has undergone similar testing. The portable electronic starter was once a lead-acid car battery in a plastic case, weighing up to 20 pounds. Now, improvements in the lithium ion battery allow a … Read more