Philips SceneSwitch BR30 LED review: 3 bulbs in 1 with this smart headlight

The Philips “SceneSwitch” LED bulb line promises versatility with just the flip of the switch. Each one has three different lighting settings – to switch between them, you just need to turn the bulb off and on again. You can cycle through three different lighting settings by turning the SceneSwitch LED off and on again. … Read more

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Misfit Bolt Review: A few blasts with Misfit’s cute, colorful smart bulbs

In the Misfit product portfolio, the color changeable Bluetooth Bolt smart light bulb looks a bit wrong. After all, this is a company best known for its wearable technology – what the heck are the bulbs doing? Look a little closer and you’ll see why Misfit Bolt makes sense. Pair it with your phone via … Read more

Feit Electric HomeBrite Bluetooth Smart LED Review: Feit’s Brightest Idea: Better Bluetooth Bulbs

Centres. Who needs them? Not Feit, that’s for sure. Last year, the manufacturer gave me a glimpse of the HomeBrite brand of smart LED lights that use a Bluetooth network to sync with your phone and with each other. That means you don’t need a control center plugged into your router to control everything. The … Read more

The best budget Alexa devices of 2021: From Wyze Bulbs to Echo Flex

Dozens of new smart home devices launch each fall, and 2020 is no different than Amazon, Google, Apple, and smaller brand devices. For Amazon in particular, Echo smart speaker is one of the best home integrators we’ve seen in years, and that means the potential for a well-oiled concert home is higher than ever. Over … Read more

Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit Review: More of these bulbs than just their smart stuff

After this review was first published, TCP reduced their LED luminaire prices from $ 169 to $ 142. They also announced exclusive pricing options on their products through partnerships with Home Depot, where kits are currently on sale for just $ 109.99. Reviews have been updated to reflect developments in prices. Smart home options keep … Read more

Smart LED bulbs join Belkin’s WeMo product line

Belkin Belkin is adding LED bulbs rapidly expanding The WeMo smart device family, the company announced today at CES. The Belkin WeMo Smart LED bulb is an 800-watt 60-watt replacement that you will be able to remotely control on Android and iOS devices using the free WeMo app. Each bulb has a warm white temperature … Read more

BeOn Starter Pack Review: The peace of mind about high prices from BeOn’s innovative smart bulbs

BeOn’s offering: a smarter light bulb. Each one has a yellow module that turns right into the center of the bulb; That module includes a backup battery that allows the lights to light up without a power supply, doorbell microphone or anti-theft alarm, and a Bluetooth radio that lets you sync things up with your … Read more