K10 phone tops LG’s new budget range at CES 2017 (hands-on)

In addition to Stylus 3, news of LG’s K series of phones was eliminated prior to CES 2017. But four additions that make up the new mid-range have appeared at the show, here in Las Vegas. Topping that product line is the K10 (different from the product of the same name released last year). While … Read more

Geeni Energi review: This smart plug fulfills the desires of those who love to make a budget

The connected plug is one of the best entry points for the smart home market. They offer the convenience of a relatively small commitment while adding voice control, remote access, scheduling, and power monitoring to other mute devices. But the $ 35 entry point – the price of the most affordable plug so far – … Read more

HP Chromebook x2 review: Bring the Surface Pro, Pixel Slate, and iPad Pro right for their budget

Get started right away with it: I love HP x2. It’s a great Chromebook laptop with a great display, a keyboard that’s comfortable to type, and astonishingly good performance. And it’s also a great tablet – thin and light, responsive to touch and stylus, and responsive to navigation. Plus – and here’s a big one … Read more

Canon PowerShot SX160 IS Review: Good Option for Beginners on a Budget

Canon PowerShot SX160 IS is not for everyone. It’s big and cumbersome. It doesn’t have the best shooting performance or image quality. And it certainly doesn’t have all the latest and greatest features found in Canon’s many more premium PowerShots. But, this is why I like it. For around $ 150 ($ 80 cheaper than … Read more

Reviews on Roku LT (2013): The best budget streaming video box

Editor’s Note (March 4, 2014): Roku announced a new $ 50 Online radio basically replacing the Roku LT is considered here. The Streaming Stick will hit stores in April; The Roku LT will be phased out soon. Before Google’s $ 35 ChromecastThe Roku LT is an unbelievably initially priced streaming player that seems too good … Read more

Divoom Voombox Travel (black) review: A rugged portable wireless speaker for those on a tight budget

Divoom’s Voombox Travel is an ultra-durable wireless Bluetooth speaker that, as the name implies, is designed for easy portability. Along with shock resistance, it’s also waterproof, and relatively cheap at $ 49.99. The first thing you’ll notice about the Voombox Travel is that it’s heavier than it looks and feels pretty solid (weighing 9.6 ounces). … Read more

Bosch adds sneaky upgrades to its budget dishwasher

Bosch Bosch hopes to create a machine that works so smoothly that you will hardly know it’s running. Its mid-range Ascenta line will now bring that comfortable quiet to a more affordable price. And just in case you forget the dishwasher is running, these new Ascenta models will light on the floor during its cycle … Read more

Wileyfox’s Swift and Storm combine budget hardware with uncommon software for £ 129 or £ 199 (practice)

LONDON – A brand new mobile world launch today when it introduced two phones to a crowded Android field. Wileyfox is aiming to differentiate Swift and Storm not by their features, which is not unusual, but by their Cyanogen operating system. As an alternative version of Android Lollipop 5.1, Cyanogen OS 12.1 has various features … Read more