Feit Electric HomeBrite Bluetooth Smart LED Review: Feit’s Brightest Idea: Better Bluetooth Bulbs

Centres. Who needs them? Not Feit, that’s for sure. Last year, the manufacturer gave me a glimpse of the HomeBrite brand of smart LED lights that use a Bluetooth network to sync with your phone and with each other. That means you don’t need a control center plugged into your router to control everything. The … Read more

Ikea Ledare LED review: Ikea’s brightest idea: affordable LEDs (no assembly required)

If you haven’t heard, LED lamp prices are trending down, with many popular bulbs starting to sell for under $ 10 per bulb in the US. Ikea recently decided to take things further, lowering the price of their 40W and 60W replacement LED “Ledare” lights to under $ 5 – a move that seems likely … Read more