Review Motorola Bluetooth Headset H720: Motorola Bluetooth Headset H720

Motorola must be in love with the flip microphone as the company is constantly releasing headphones with that design. The Motorola H720 is a recent example of this, and indeed, it shares its flip design H17, the H15and its predecessor, H710. While the H720’s design isn’t new, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good headset. … Read more

BlueAnt S4 stereo Bluetooth speaker review: BlueAnt S4 stereo Bluetooth speaker

Powered and hung on the vehicle’s hood, the BlueAnt S4 always listens to you. If that sounds a bit too “Big Brother”, don’t worry. S4 only hears a specific voice prompt. Just say, “BlueAnt, talk to me” and the Bluetooth speaker comes alive ready to do your bidding. DesignPhysically, the BlueAnt S4 doesn’t deviate too … Read more

BlueAnt Smart Bluetooth Headset Q2 Review: BlueAnt Smart Bluetooth Headset Q2

BlueAnt continues to expand its voice-controlled headset lineup with BlueAnt Q2, the successor to the much-acclaimed product. Q1 that it introduced last year. The Q2 is dubbed the “smart” headset designed to take advantage of most smartphones (especially the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry handsets) with voice control features. and text-to-speech advanced, but it should work … Read more

Panasonic SC-MC07 review: The UFO-style Bluetooth speaker is a bit missing

First of all, the Panasonic C-MC07 Compact Wireless Stereo Speakers remind me of a UFO. Then I think Chipwich or some Drake or Hostess snack cakes. No matter what image it evokes, the $ 69.99 SC-MC07 will stream music wirelessly from smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The device is powered by AA batteries or the … Read more

Samsung’s first pair of portable Bluetooth speakers with NFC, possibly a wireless sound bar

Samsung has strongly embraced Bluetooth and AirPlay speakers last year with The DA-E750 is gorgeous and its sister products, but surprisingly the company hasn’t launched its portable Bluetooth speaker yet – to this day. The Samsung DA-F60 is the company’s first entry into the booming portable Bluetooth speaker market. It has the apt-X codec, which … Read more

NAD’s new line of digital audio features a modern look, streaming via Bluetooth

Matthew Moskovciak / CNET The way people listen to music has changed dramatically in 10 years ago, but the home audio components already Surprisingly slow to keep up, denial reduces and provides basic wireless connectivity as standard on other devices. That was what NAD thought when designing its latest group of digital audio components. The … Read more

UE Boom review: A Bluetooth speaker for great outdoors

Shaped like an energy drink and so named, the Ultimate Ears Boom has a number of nudges – and that push lasts all day. This rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker is being touted as a more powerful and enduring version of the Jawbone Jambox and has a special “acoustic skin with plasma coating” that makes it … Read more

Bose SoundLink round-the-ear Bluetooth headset review (formerly Bose AE2w): Expensive but impressive (for Bluetooth)

Editors notes: When this product was initially evaluated, it was called Bose AE2w. Bose has renamed it the Bose SoundLink Around-the-Ear Bluetooth Headset. Anyone interested in this product should check out the Bose SoundLink On-Ear Headset, announced in the fall of 2014. Bose surprises her first Bluetooth headset, the AE2w. I’m not sure why, but … Read more

Sony’s new SRS-BTS50 portable Bluetooth speaker impresses (hands-on)

The $ 129.99 Sony SRS-BTS50 will ship later this month and comes in a variety of color options (click to enlarge). Sarah Tew / CNET Cylindrical portable Bluetooth speakers are the trend these days and Sony, not wanting to be left out, introduced the SRS-BTS50, a $ 129.99 shock-resistant wireless speaker. At first glance, it … Read more