GoPro Hero3 Review: GoPro bets big on its Hero3 Black Edition

Editors notes: The GoPro Hero3 lineup, released in 2012, was replaced with the GoPro Hero3 + series in October 2013. See our reviews of the $ 399 Hero3 + Black and the Hero3 version. Silver is $ 299. A Hero3 + White version priced at $ 199 is also available. Lighter, smaller, sharperThe GoPro Hero3 … Read more

Review Insignia NS-55E480: Big picture, little money

When it comes to buying an internal brand, you can expect some compromises in return for a good price tag. For $ 800, do you really expect more than just a large display when buying Best Buy’s 55-inch Insignia NS-55E480A13A? Surprisingly, there’s more to this TV than it was at first sight. This is not … Read more

Dropcam Pro Review: A big step forward for a wireless network camera

If you’ve never heard of Dropcam, this is a startup that quickly becomes a leader in home-made video surveillance. In many ways, it is similar to Sonos, the emerging audio company that has been very successful in the multi-room wireless streaming audio space. The backbone of both companies is elegant, user-friendly software built on attractive … Read more

The Meizu Zero phone without buttons or ports is just a big tease

Meizu Chinese phone maker Meizu made a huge splash when it launched Zero “True Holeless Phone” on Indiegogo January 30 with offer of 100 “Engineer Units” for $ 1,299 each and a “Pioneering Unit” for $ 2,999. Now it’s marked as a closed campaign showing it only achieved $ 46,000 out of $ 100,000 and … Read more

Channel Master Smartenna review: Big, ugly, expensive, but it does it

Channel Master Smartenna is the newer version of the company’s Flatenna, and it’s designed for use in areas where TV reception is a bit patchy. While none of the indoor models we tested were designed to function like a dedicated outdoor antenna, the Smartenna did better than most in terms of usable signal reception. OK. … Read more

The Lenovo Yoga 720 may well be the best big screen Yoga

Lenovo’s Yoga line has long been geared toward versatility. Not only is the hybrid design that allows you to flip the display around for use in four different positions, but also offers that design in an ever-increasing number of sizes and configurations. At Mobile World Congress 2017, the company revealed three more options for 2017: … Read more

Big laptop battle: Razer Blade Pro vs. PC Origin Evo16-S

Origin PC 16 inch Evo16-S. Sarah Tew / CNET Some gaming laptops are larger in weight and size, giving us more power than any (current) gaming needs. Alienware Area-51m and Origin PC Eon17-X come to mind, as well as to come Asus Mothership. Others go for portability, sacrificing screen size and muscle for a smaller … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Book S and LG Gram 15: Both claim big batteries

New one Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus could have been the stars of the show now Samsung’s recent Unpacked event in Brooklyn, but they’re not the only new hardware introduced. In fact, the other big product promises to beat the Note 10 a mile in a very important category – at least on paper. … Read more

2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country first drive review: Small changes make a big impact

What is the biggest difference between Volvo’s latest Cross Country and the V60 wagon it’s based on? Ground clearance 3 inch. Take that, add a bit of body cladding, and you’ve got a buttery-tall wagon that is beautiful. I want one. Admit it: You too. Yes, this transition from V60 to Cross Country is small, … Read more