QNAP brings new routers to CES allowing you to build your own NAS

The TGX-150, on display at CES 2017, is a sleek compact box that can function as a Wi-Fi router and a NAS server. Dong Ngo / CNET QNAP is known as the popular network storage server (NAS) manufacturer, but today it ventured into the home Wi-Fi router field with the TGX-150, which was launched at … Read more

WeMail organizes your inbox, allowing you to reply to emails with your voice

James Martin / CNET WeMail is the latest app that is trying to fix your overloaded and overloaded inbox. The free service, launched today, uses several organizational tricks to take control of your inbox and give you a new way to reply to messages – using your voice. It is currently available for Android, with … Read more

T-Mobile rebranded the planned One to Magenta, allowing the converters to continue offering discounts

T-Mobile turns bright red completely. T Mobile T-Mobile’s outlook for a Sprint merger is changing day by day, but that hasn’t stopped the country’s third-largest carrier from continuing to lag behind its competitors. Its latest move: consistent discounts – though not a plan – offered by AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. For example, if you get … Read more

MiiPC children’s Android calculator allowing parents to use apps (hands-on)

Luke Westaway / CNET BERLIN – Do your naughty kids keep playing Angry Birds when they have to do their homework or use Wikipedia to review for the test? MiiPC can put an end to those woes for parents. This Kickstarter-sponsored box, on display at The IFA trade show in Berlin, is an Android calculator … Read more

MetroMile’s Metronome review: Free Metronome records trip data, allowing vehicle insurance per mile

Traditionally, insurance companies compute car insurance rates based on complex risk tables, taking into account the driver’s age, driving history, home position, and preliminary numerical prediction. kilometers driven per year. Under this system, you can park your car for a month and pay the same fee as you would drive it daily. MetroMile’s business model … Read more

Dish’s Hopper 3 DVR features a giant 16 tuners, allowing you to watch four HD channels simultaneously on a 4K TV

The new DVR will be available to Dish subscribers early this year. Sarah Tew / CNET Dish’s upcoming Hopper 3 is a built-in, turbocharged DVR. Not only does it have 16 tuners and integrates Netflix in its universal search results, but there’s also a new exclusive “Sports Bar Mode” that lets you stream four live … Read more