Samsung S5600 review: Samsung S5600

The Samsung S5600 is the spiritual successor to the company’s popularity Tocco Lite touch screen phone. This update uses the same TouchWiz menu system, but the internal menus have been upgraded to support HSDPA which makes downloading data faster. That’s good news when you want to download music or videos. The other plus is that the phone is offered for free under a £ 15 per month, 24 month contract with Orange or Vodafone, so it won’t be a bank violation. You can also get it SIM-free for around £ 140.

Cheap but luxurious
Two versions of this handset are currently available. One is called ‘Preston’ and is available on Orange, while the second is called ‘Blade’ and can be purchased from Vodafone. Both models are the same apart from the fact that the navigation desk on the front of the Blade is diamond shaped, while it’s square on the Preston.

While the case of our Preston review model is made primarily of plastic, it feels pretty solid and the glossy finish and flat-mounted display give the phone a worthy premium feel. surprise. At 55 x 103 x 13mm, the handset is small (at least by touchscreen models) and it’s also light, at just 96g.

Inheritance TouchWiz
Like all Samsung touchscreen phones, the S5600 uses the company’s TouchWiz interface. The TouchWiz home screen is divided into three panels that you can access just by swiping your finger back and forth across the screen. There is also a pull-out tab that opens to show a column of icons for the various phone gadgets. You can drag these out of the widgets tab to position them wherever you want on any of the three panels. There is a rich list of widgets provided as standard, including an instant messaging widget and an RSS news reader.

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