Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 review: Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 is a Windows Mobile smartphonewith sliding QWERTY keyboard. If it came a year ago – or even six months ago – that would have been enough to score more points with us. But its old operating system and its resistive touchscreen conspired to make it feel like too little, too late, despite its feature overload.

The Omnia Pro B7610 is available SIM-free for around £ 370 and you can also get it for free under a £ 35 a month contract if you search online.

Exit Windows
Omnia Pro uses Windows Mobile 6.5, which is outdated even before Microsoft announced that it had a completely new version – Windows Phone 7 Series – starting from scratch. Now, even Microsoft has admitted that Windows Mobile 6.5 is trashWe don’t feel that we can recommend a phone that runs on it.

Samsung has transformed Windows Mobile with a nicer, more user-friendly home screen. In fact, it’s done twice. There are two home screen settings – accessible by pressing a button on the side of the phone – one for work and one for entertainment. The working version is a list of very sober-looking notifications that won’t look weird on one Nokia E72. The play version sports the familiar TouchWiz user interface Samsung phone.

The presence of TouchWiz means there are a whole bunch of widgets that you can pull up on the screen from a toolbar below. We’re not a big fan of this design for two reasons – widgets are easy to move accidentally when you swipe the touchscreen, and the widgets themselves are pretty basic. A Facebook widget is just a link to the Facebook website, rather than directly displaying your status updates, for example.

The Omnia Pro’s keyboard is very easy to use, in a way to compensate for the unresponsive touchscreen

Samsung has succeeded in making Windows Mobile easier to use, but unfortunately neither home screen setup is working well enough – transition is delayed, widgets update too slow and location of widgets get cluttered when you switch from portrait to landscape mode.

Sticky screen
The Omnia Pro also has a resistive touchscreen, which means you have to use your fingernail or force it to register your input. There is also a stylus included in one side of the case. We found the touchscreen to be unresponsive and difficult to use. Combined with the small icons used in many parts of the operating system, the Omnia Pro can sometimes be annoying to use.

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