Samsung B3310 review: Samsung B3310

Samsung considers the B3310 a ‘compact social communicator’, although we like to think of it as a funny dwarf. Offering GPRS, Edge and Bluetooth connectivity, choose from some bright colors and at a very low price, phone is good and really aimed at the teen market. You can get it for free under a £ 10 per month, 24 month contract, for £ 60 on a pay-on-the-go deal or around £ 90 without a SIM.

Multi-talented dwarves
The B3310 manages to pack an impressive range of features into its tiny body. Although only 54 x 91 x 17mm in size, it offers a full pull QWERTY keyboard, 2 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities and built-in FM radio. There’s also a microSD slot hidden under the battery, so you can expand the phone’s onboard 40MB of storage.

Physically, the B3310’s most distinctive feature is the number keys located on the left front of the phone. The idea is, when you pull out the Qwerty keyboard and turn the phone aside, the number keys will be where you would expect them to be on the computer. keyboard. It’s a good idea, but it quickly gets annoying when you’re trying to hastily call the number of your local Chinese handbag supplier and the glossy finish on the keys makes identifying the notation becomes difficult.

The B3310’s keyboard won’t make your fingers thank you, but it will get the job done

As for the drag keyboard, the keys themselves are extremely small. While typing on a keyboard is impossible, it can hardly be called comfortable. The spacebar is also very small, which means texting on the B3310 is a pausing job – not ideal on a phone designed to keep friends in touch.

The B3310 doesn’t exactly look like the most luxurious kit on the market but, despite its inexpensive look, we had no problems with its build quality. Though it’s entirely plastic, the phone’s case is sturdy enough, and it doesn’t feel shattered after a few accidental drops.

The B3310 has an onboard music player, but requires you to use it headphone comes with the phone – no 3.5mm socket, using your own pair is unquestionable. Unsurprisingly, the bundled kit is not particularly comfortable and doesn’t sound great, which seriously hinders the B3310’s ability as a music phone.

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