Reviews on Sony PlayTV (PS3): Sony PlayTV (PS3)


If you are looking for a comprehensive design analysis then you have chosen the wrong utility: it is a black plastic box. It’s about the size of a pack of cards, which we think is a bit curved but still pretty bad. On top of the box is the PlayStation logo and power LED. On what we will be calling the “front” is a mini USB port and a single antenna port – unfortunately there are no parameters, so you’ll need to make the PlayTV the last part of the chain. antenna or invest in a coax splitter (about AU $ 8). There’s no remote in the box, so you can use a Sixaxis controller – a bit of a hassle to watch regular TV – or invest in a Blu-ray remote.

PlayTV can be wall / desktop mounted, but in terms of how the device needs to be plugged into the front of the PlayStation via USB, it lacks the discretion of the other AV components.


PlayTV is an additional PVR dual tuner for PlayStation 3. With the dual tuner, you can record a show while watching another program or while playing games or Blu-ray discs. While the system warns you of in-game issues if background recording is enabled, we encountered very little. However, you cannot record two channels at the same time.

PlayTV is Freeview compatible and with seven-day program guidance. The device doesn’t have any kind of “Chain Link” recording, though PlayTV’s developers promise it’s working.

PlayTV content can also be viewed via Remote Play, which means it can be viewed with either PSP either Sony Ericsson Aino phone.

NB: even if you have one of the new 120GB PS3 Slims, we recommend upgrading your hard drive to 500GB or higher, otherwise it will be full of HD programming really fast. Don’t even think about adding PlayTV 40GB model without upgrading. One hour of HD documenting will take up 10 gigs and if you only have a 40GB PS3, you’ll get less than three hours of documentation on average. Also, there’s no way to change the quality settings to add more space to your drive. You may also want to back up your titles and to do this go to Game> Trophy Collection. Hit “Green Triangle”> Sync with server.


Setting up the device is pretty straightforward – we just need to plug it in, put it in the disk, and the wizard will guide us. If you can get digital broadcast in your area then PlayTV will work fine. This device comes with a seven-day EPG but like the others it takes some time to update all the channels – that is, you will need to go to each main channel one by one for the first mesh update. .

We found that the carousel-like interface – while different from the usual XMB style Sony often uses – is still relatively intuitive. The guide itself is very easy to use, and users can set up their own favorite channels and get the right tutorial if they wish. We were a bit confused to find that the tutorial and channels don’t repeat – you start at One (1) and end at Go (90) and need to scroll backwards if you want to go back again.

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