Incipio’s has a smart light switch at CES that works with Siri and Alexa

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Incipio CommandKit Wi-Fi light switch.


Incipio has produced a smart plug and a smart bulb adapter, both of which work with Apple HomeKit for Siri-ready voice control. Now, the gadget maker is announcing two new “CommandKit” products that will join them, including a $ 60 Wi-Fi light switch that allows Siri to dim the lights, without the center. And, in case you prefer Alexa a little more, the switch will work with Amazon’s virtual assistant.

The new switch really couldn’t pick a better timing to launch. Although it has not yet proven itself to be a market leader, Apple HomeKit is still starting to become quite attractive thanks to strong security standards and the growing variety of compatible gadgets (and other Siri tricks that accompany them). On the Amazon side, sales of Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers are on the high side – meaning more people are eyeing new convenient devices that support Alexa.

I’m also a price lover. At $ 60, Incipio’s Wi-Fi switch will cost a lot less than other dimmable smart light switches that work with Siri or Alexa (not to mention both). Prices convert to a little less than £ 50 or around AU $ 85.

Potential trade-offs? Incipio switches don’t seem to have as many features as those alternatives, and the design isn’t quite as sharp as what we’ve seen from names like Lutron or iDevices or from the upcoming Belkin WeMo Dimmer Switch. .

However, there is a motion sensor in the center of the switch that can trigger light changes. That’s a really great addition, as you’ll never have to worry about replacing its batteries. It seems that both brightness adjustment buttons, including the dimmer button, are located on the lower half of the switch, which can take some getting used to.

Incipio Smart Switch is expected to hit the market in July this year. We’ll track it, then let you know how well it outperforms the competition.

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