Samsung Galaxy phones are a bit modular at CES with this case

This housing has magnetic pins that connect to auxiliary components.

Lynn La / CNET

Modular phones – phones with interchangeable hardware components – are still a distant dream. Through LG G5 and Motorola Moto Z series tried to approach this concept, they are still not perfect.

Phone cases also try to give your phone a modular look, like the Elite Smartcase from i-Blades. Designed for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 (and their Edge counterparts), the Smartcase attaches to your handset, which can then be connected to another accessory to increase the power and memory of your phone.

The case is attached to a 1,800mAh battery, called Smartblade, via a magnet on the back similar to the Moto Z. The Smartblade also has 64GB of internal memory and includes a microSD card slot that can hold an additional 128GB, Both come in handy if you run out of space in your phone. When I try it out briefly, the connection feels secure and secure, and their rubber coating adds durability.

i-Blades first announced phone cases last November, and units are just starting to ship. In addition to Smartblade, the company has an optional VR case module and Smartcase with an environmental sensor that can measure air quality. Together, the Smartcase and Smartblade retails for $ 130 (which translates to around AU $ 180, £ 105), and i-Blades says they’re continuing to develop other accessories.

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