Griffin technology hits the smart mirror at CES 2017

CES has seen its share of smart mirrors, and this year, Griffin Technology is hoping the idea finally succeeds.

Mirror connection Griffin technology.

Griffin technology

Their product is simply called Connected Mirror and it’s a shiny, reflective surface that connects to your home Wi-Fi network to show local time and weather and any notifications. Missed from your phone, as well as updates from any other Griffin device under your roof (their catalog includes app-enabled phone chargers, linked coffee machines and even a Bluetooth toaster).

Those updates will appear whenever you touch the mirror’s capacitive surface, then disappear when you finish them. You can also use the Griffin’s app to connect to a mirror to choose what information you want it to display.

However, there is no cheap one. When launched in late 2017, the Griffin’s Connected Mirror will cost an amazing $ 1,000 (around £ 810 or AU $ 1,390, equivalent estimate). For that price – and without any notable third-party integrations to get smart home buyers excited about it – it’s hard to see this as more than just a luxury niche.

However, this Not the only smart mirror we saw at this year’s CESSo maybe this is an untapped list ready to emerge. We’ll keep an eye on it.

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