Best 27-inch display deals: Six QHD monitors for under $ 300

Sure, bigger is better when it comes to monitors, but how much display space do you really need if you’re not a PC gamer or creative expert? I recently bought a 27 inch QHD monitor, now the dining room has turned into my wife’s dining room home office. She has a dual monitor setup at work and needs one monitoring for her days when she is work from home. And I intend to borrow it the days she comes to the office, as compared to my old 24-inch FHD monitor looks pretty bad.

I came up with the 27-inch QHD display because it offers enough screen and sharp images for a great price point. I was surprised to see QHD – i.e. a quad HD or 2,560×1,440 pixel resolution – the display was not much more expensive than the 27-inch models with FHD resolution, i.e. “full HD”, with the same 1,920 x1,080 pixels like the TV before 4K. And the QHD pixel density on the 27-inch screen is thick enough that I can’t see each individual pixel sitting in front of the screen. So far, I don’t have any FOMO involved about not spending more on a 4K display (at least 3,840×2,160 pixels).

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Since I scratch itchiness while playing games with Xbox One, I am not asking is displayed with a fast refresh rate 60Hz or 75Hz is enough. Because I’m not involved in photo editing other than occasional cropping or using the Photos app on MacOS, I don’t need a professional monitor with a wide color gamut or HDR. I simply want a monitor that is larger than my current one with bright, clear images and a host of modern video connections including both. HDMI and DisplayPort. Plus, I’d like thin bezels as the display frame to make a side-by-side dual-monitor setup look good if we eventually extended activity in our dining room.

Check out CNET’s monitor buying guide for more, and see my recommendations for a 27-inch QHD monitor that will fit most budgets. I found a big deal on an LG monitor on Amazon and B&H has it for the same discount right now. Best Buy currently has an HP model that’s on sale for a few dollars cheaper, and I found a pair of Dell monitors and a pair of Lenovo monitors in the same price range – all under $ 300 – for you to weigh. prompt. If you’re looking for the lowest-cost 27-inch QHD display, one of the Lenovos is actually hovering below the $ 200 mark.

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This is the model I bought on Amazon for $ 227 after shopping around. The discount is gone from Amazon, but B&H has it for the same discounted price I got. It’s an IPS panel with QHD resolution, 350 nits of brightness and a thin screen bezel. I like the simple stand, although I wish it had a height support. However, most monitors at this price point don’t offer such a level of adjustment so I could live without it. It doesn’t have internal speakers, but those are generally awful and not something I used to use when I had Bluetooth speakers in my home office. Or laptop audio, in my case my wife is working in the dining room. It offers one DisplayPort and two HDMI ports, allowing us to flexibly connect to a wide variety of PCs and laptops. I have no complaints about its image, I find it bright and sharp enough.


You can save $ 90 on this Dell 27-inch QHD display. It follows the same formula as LG above: IPS panel with both HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity, thin bezels and 350 nits of brightness.


Take the Dell monitor above and add the speakers.


This HP model is on sale and boasts a modern look with slim bezels and has both DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity.


Lenovo’s 27-inch IPS panel costs $ 200 less. It offers one DisplayPort and one HDMI port and thin bezels on its three sides.


This is the smallest model in the group with razor-thin bezels on all four sides of the screen. In addition to the standard DisplayPort and HDMI-in ports, it also has a DisplayPort-out so you can connect multiple monitors.

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