The report says Google’s $ 40 million purchase of Fossil technology for hybrid smartwatches


Fossil is said to have sold its hybrid smartwatch technology to Google.


By Google The $ 40 million acquisition of Fossil’s technology earlier this year is already reported for hybrid smartwatches. Fossil’s technology is internally referred to as Project Diana, derived from a combination of the words “digital” and “analog,” Wareable reported on Monday citing anonymous sources.

Diana combines “physical watch features with digital elements”, reportedly, including some watches that do not have a display.

That $ 40 million is believed to include the license to use Diana technology, along with about 20 engineers acquired by Fossil. $ 260 million acquired Misfit in 2015.

In January, Google announced the purchase of the secret smartwatch technology from Fossil. Google and Fossil combined force to develop smart watches before.

“We’ve built and enhanced a potentially innovative technology based on our existing smartwatch platform,” said Greg McKelvey, executive vice president and chief strategy and digital at Fossil. we.

Google declined to comment on the Wareable report.

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