Dell’s Visor brings comfort and convenience to the VR headset

Dell is taking one step closer to helping you enter the future of immersive gaming and entertainment.

Available for pre-order now and delivery on October 17Dell Visor, priced at $ 349, is the PC maker’s first entry into the Windows Mixed Reality headset market. Like its competitionThe headset uses the camera to monitor inside and out, so there’s no need to set up table-mounted or wall-mounted sensors for monitoring like those are needed for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR. Add in Dell’s $ 99 controller and you’re ready to play. You can also get one Package both for $ 449 in America either £ 430 in the UKabout 565 Australian Dollars in Australia.

Dell designed the headphones to be comfortable and easy to adjust for different users. A rotating ring on the back allows you to quickly adjust the well-padded headband, while the extra balance and padding on the face reduces pressure on your nose and cheeks. Its water-repellent coating prevents headphones from bottle-headed after use by your friends and family.

The viewer has dual LCD displays of 1,440×1,440 resolution to deliver 360-degree vivid images and it fits the glass. And if you need to pause the action, you can flip the viewer over. To keep you from getting tangled in the cables, there’s a clip that holds them together and is routed your way.

Once again, Visor ships on October 17, which is a pretty perfect time, not only to capitalize on holiday sales, but also for use with new Windows PCs running on Intel’s eighth-generation Core i-series CPU will support some VR content, even if only standard integrated Intel graphics are available. But if you want to use it with your existing system, you can check it out Minimum PC requirements for Windows Mixed Reality on Microsoft site.

Updated September 14: Add pre-order information and availability, UK pricing and minimum PC requirement for WMR headphones. First published August 28.

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