Lumen Mini supports Bluetooth lighting up Vegas

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Lumen Mini supports Bluetooth lighting up Vegas


Tabu, the people behind Lumen bulb, added a new product to their LED service. It’s called the Lumen Mini, and as you might have guessed, it’s substantial less compared to the original. This compact bulb has bluetooth support and it will hit Kickstarter later this month.

In addition to the size, this bulb has a few other distinguishing features. First, it’s a color LED bulb, so you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting the same “warm white” option offered on the original Lumen. That makes the Mini a bit more like a mood light and a little less continuous use. Of course, you can use it the way you want, but it’s really designed for a party atmosphere. Just download the free Android or iOS app and you can change the colors to suit the specific ambience you want to create.

Colin West McDonald / CNET

Lumen Mini is available in two different facilities; E27 and E14 smaller. That makes it a bit more versatile if your fixtures support different socket sizes. Look for this LED light on Kickstarter at the end of January – it’s expected to retail for $ 30.

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