The best T-Mobile phone of 2021

From 5G connection to foldable screenPhone companies are growing and innovating faster than ever. While Samsung’s Galaxy line and Apple’s iPhone are the top pick for many, there are other phone makers trying to take their place with their own great handsets. And all of this competition benefits users, who now have a wide variety of great phones to choose from and at a number of different price points. Read on to know what are the best T-Mobile phones out there and see our tips on how to buy a new phone.

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What to look for when buying a phone


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Starting at $ 700, the iPhone 11 is the best mid-range cell phone Apple has ever made. Its camera has a fantastic new Night Mode and an ultra-wide-angle camera that adds detail to photos. Video is also great. Read our Apple iPhone 11 review.

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The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is equipped with many sophisticated features that have narrowed the gap with rival phones. This flagship Samsung phone is made for people who want the best Android phones out there. This Galaxy Note smartphone has a killer 6.8-inch display, all-day battery life, and excellent camera tools. Read our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review.

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The new Pixel 3A for 2019 removes some of the features of last year’s Pixel 3: This smartphone is not water resistant, has no wireless charging, and the maximum storage capacity is 64GB. But it does add a headphone jack and retains an excellent Night Sight camera that can take great photos in the dark. (Daytime shots look great too.) Because of its great value, the phone recently won the CNET Editorial Board’s Choice award. Read our Google Pixel 3A review.

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Despite the fact that this Android device doesn’t have wireless charging or a headphone dongle to connect to its USB-C port, the $ 600 OnePlus 7T runs Android 10 out of the box, which has three rear cameras that help take pictures. great photo. fast processor and smooth 90Hz display. Read our OnePlus 7T review.

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Through Moto G7 Power Without the dual rear cameras like Motorola’s flagship Moto G7, the G7 Power has a huge battery. Its 5,000mAh battery lasted 23 hours 10 minutes in our tests, making this smartphone the longest-lasting phone we’ve tested this year so far.

Read the Moto G7 Power review.

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As the most wallet-friendly Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, the Galaxy S10E has a lot to offer. It’s a smaller phone that’s great for those looking for a compact grip, it has a super-fast Snapdragon 855 chipset and long battery life. This Samsung device can also wirelessly charge other phones and accessories. Read our Samsung Galaxy S10E review.

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Even though this mobile phone launched last year, the iPhone XR brings many of the iPhone’s desirable features, including a great large screen in a comfortable body, fast performance, Face ID and wireless charging, as well as a great camera. The device also has a great battery life of 19 hours and 53 minutes which is excellent in our lab tests. Read our Apple iPhone XR review.

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