The best LED bulbs for every room in your home in 2021

Light bulbs have a huge daily impact on the way our home looks and feels, and with A series of new energy-saving LED bulbs fill the illuminated walkwayYou have more LED lighting options than ever before. Plus, LED bulbs can save you energy bills and electricity bills. But how do you choose the best LED light for the job? The trick is to think long and hard about how you would normally use lighting in different rooms of your home. That, more than anything, will determine your lighting needs.

For example, you can benefit from a super bright light bulb in your favorite reading lamp, but like softer, warm, candle-like light from your bedside lamp.

To achieve that, here are some room-specific tips to help you choose the right LED lights for your lights and living space. Where appropriate, I have also included links for purchasing bulbs from our tests. I will update this information as I test new products.


If you have a high ceiling, you’ll want your headlights to shine beautifully and shine in one direction.

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Many height? Make it super bright

If you have a room with high ceilings or recessed lighting – such as an entrance or maybe a staircase with overhead lights or overhead lamps – you’ll want to give priority to the brightness over the softness of the bulb. After all, the higher your bulbs are, the brighter they will be to illuminate the room.

The most popular products for overhead lighting are the BR30-shaped headlights. “BR” stands for “bulging reflector” and it means that the light inside the bulb sits above a reflective bowl, like a small satellite dish. Screw such a light on your ceiling and the bowl will catch all the light that bounces up, then bounces backwards and downwards, this bulb will swell outward to create an area of ​​light as bright as possible throughout the room. That is the same trick your car’s headlights Use to create as much light as possible in the foreground as you drive.

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You have a plethora of energy-saving BR30 shaped LED options in the illuminated walkway. The most common of these is a 65-watt replacement bulb that typically produces around 650 lumens of light per bulb. That’s a good, average number and should be suitable for a medium-height ceiling with at least a few lights up above it. Among the ones I’ve tested, the Cree and Philips 65-watt replacement headlights are the two I would recommend. They have good value and they are highly energy efficient for money (each sucks 10 watts less). These dimmable bulbs also work well with dimmer switches and – most importantly for overhead lighting – they are both beautiful and bright, each with over 700 lumens of power. roof. As of this writing, Home Depot sells those Cree bulbs in a pack of two for under $ 6 – They are the things I would go with in my own home if it was I bought.

If your ceiling is above average or if you have fewer overhead bulbs than you would like, look for a BR30 LED lamp that replaces a 100 watt bulb to increase brightness even further. Cree makes them and Home Depot is selling them for a price a little more than $ 10 eachThat’s a pretty good deal.

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The ability to adjust the brightness means versatility for your living room and bedroom

Some rooms serve only one or two basic functions, but others are used in every way. For example, you can use your living room to watch TV, read books, play table games with kids, or any other activity. Such rooms can really benefit from quality lamps that can adapt to whatever is going on.

The classic is to use a combination of different lights and fixtures for different purposes – reading lights next to your favorite armchair, overhead lights for a board game night , everything turns off when you’re watching movies and Soon. That’s all well and good, but it limits you to the binary “on / off” illumination mentality.

Better approach? Give you full illumination by making sure all those lights are dimmable.

Upgrading your light switch to a dimmer switch is one way to do that (and not nearly as scary as you might think if you’ve never switched a switch before). There is also a smart plug from brands like Lutron That will allow you to dim your furniture and lights up and down. However, the easiest way is to replace your bulb with dimmable Smart light bulb. that is a great time to do that Costs have dropped in recent years and the introduction of voice control has given people a quick, easy way to switch to any dimmer setting they like, whatever when they want.

Best of all, almost every smart light bulb on the market can be dimmed without flickering or buzzing, eliminating the usual headache that comes with a wall-mounted dimmer switch. That also makes smart bulbs a quality choice for bedrooms, where there’s strong dimming performance, and things like the scheduled wake-up time faded away can do wonders for your morning mood.

Philips Hue is famously expensive, but its dimmable white LED smart bulb costs only $ 15 each and you can get a starter kit with three bulbs and the Philips Hue Bridge works. The brain of the system for just 60 dollars. From there, you can buy more bulbs whenever they go on sale, gradually building up your network of connected bulbs.

We love Philips Hue smart bulbs for their well-developed application, the wide variety of bulbs, fixtures and accessories you can add to your setup, and a good track record of support. Hue Bridge calls your photos, your bulb will work with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant for quick, voice-activated lighting changes. The next time you’re watching a movie and want the light to dim low, but not completely off, you can just ask your assistant to choose to “reduce the living room lights by 5%”.

On the left, the M & Ms bowl is lit with a standard GE LED. On the right, the same bowl is lit with a GE Reveal LED, which does a much better job of making colors look vibrant and realistic.

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Consider the color in your kitchen and wardrobe

I’m not talking about discolored smart lights (though if you want to highlight your home with them, Don’t let me stop you). No, I’m talking about the colors that are already in your home – your artwork, furniture, clothes in your closet, fruits and vegetables. kitchenyou name it.

Whatever it is, if it’s colorful, then it will benefit from bulbs with a high color rendering point – bulbs that increase color temperature and help colors look their best. This is not always the easiest to buy as manufacturers are not required to list their color rendering score on the package, like brightness and efficiency specifications. Some of the light bulbs that are supposed to emit great colors are just that.


My LED lighting tip: Just stick with GE Reveal bulbs, because after about six years reviewing bulbs for CNET, I have yet to test which bulbs do not deliver the promise of better colors. . That includes standard 60-watt replacement LED lights, headlights, fancy stick-shaped LEDs, dimmable LED bulbs, and more. A pack of 4 regular A-shaped Reveal bulbs (linked below) is currently available for $ 17 at Lowe’s.

They tend to be a bit more expensive per light bulb and most are a little less bright than the average LED because they filter out some of the excess yellow light for better color temperature – but the compromises It is worthy if you use them for accent lighting or to light up spots in your home where you will appreciate accurate, nicer colors day in and day out.

And that really matters – although we often take them for granted, we use the light bulb more than anything else in the home. These are usually the first things we turn on in the morning and the last things we turn off before bed. So don’t let the illuminated walkway overwhelm you – whether you choose energy efficient bulbs, CFL bulbs, Smart LED bulb Or even conventional incandescent bulbs, finding the right light for each room in your home is much more rewarding and easier than you might think.

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