The best children’s electric car toys of 2021

Do you have a human (or maybe adventurous pets) that you’re trying to get excited about in cars? Well, unless you’re independently rich and plan to build the next Senna by funding their racing career, a battery-powered car is the next best thing.

Like everything today, vehicles have become cheaper and offer more options for parents who like to drive, be it Jeep lovers, Bugatti enthusiasts, shallow beginners or professional TikTok celebrities. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite rides for your kids (or cats, but Please post a video about this).

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The Polaris Slingshot is a very popular tricycle for reasons that are completely inexplicable for most people. I would say that is definitely a vehicle (I often use the word “car”) that looks like anywhere. Now your toddler can enjoy that same kind of completely confusing auto scandals as they wander your sidewalk in this tricycle.


The Bugatti Divo is considered the “sports car” version of the already absurdly fast Chiron, and while it’s unlikely you’ll get behind the wheel of one of the most expensive and extremely limited supercars, it is. Luckily you can survive indirectly through your descendants as they carve around your driveway at speeds unlike nosebleeds. Seriously – this is a great toy, and I’m a little jealous.


Perhaps you and your bambino are looking for a slightly more Italiano experience, one that your child has picked up with a reverse hand wave. God knows the place doesn’t seem too weird or confusing. In that (very specific) case, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ might be the car for you and your family.


So tricycles and supercars aren’t your kid’s thing? Maybe they have an old or newly born soul whose level and sophistication go beyond their tiny body. In that case, there is the roadster Mercedes-Benz 300SL continues. Sure, you might complain about the lack of a gull pattern, but honestly, would you like to be responsible for what happens when it inevitably breaks down when your kid gets stuck inside? I do not think so.


What if your descendant generation becomes a budding Emme Hall? Maybe they want something solid and off-road. Well, of course the ride market has you here too. This completely fake Jeep Wrangler (seriously, those angry eyebrows!) Jeep Wrangler should absolutely get your kids to follow their Jeep waves in no time.

* Does not include Emme Hall hairstyles.


Are you a budding Tik-Tok star? Have they looked at the expensive vacant villas for rent in Los Angeles? Can they be dubbed the social media of the Roadshow, Daniel Golson or the future head of the global petrochemical empire? Well, if they’re any of them, then the only plausible option for them to drive is a Mercedes Maybach.G650s.


What about you, F1-only-wearer and the one obsessed with shaving off Junior’s first hot tenths? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Meet the suspiciously licensed McLaren Senna. Sure, it’s ugly, but your little hot shoe won’t care. They understand that this ride is designed to look like a car made to go fast, good looks is obnoxious.

Indian motorbike

Not all parents want their kids to dive into a four-wheeled plastic statement, or see them in the room drawing crude Montana license plates on construction paper. No, for some, it’s a two-wheeled tradition they want to pass on, and for those, there’s the eFTR Jr I-annoying-is-for-kids from India. It’s expensive and will likely lead to some scratches on the knees and can be an unhealthy obsession for flat track racing, but it’s great and it looks like other big, racing FTR models. and school road.

Is there a little plastic car they can drive that makes your kid the envy of all the other kids in the year? Perhaps, so there is no reason not to accept one. It is also possible to weigh the things you’ll need to charge it efficiently as well as a helmet, and while you’re at it jot down some cones so you can set up a tiny Nordschleife in your pocket. me. That way, Junior has a leg up when it’s time to graduate to have more expensive ways for you to live indirectly on them.

Remember that you should make sure you are supervising your kids as they drive around and they really should wear a helmet.

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