The best budget Alexa devices of 2021: From Wyze Bulbs to Echo Flex

Dozens of new smart home devices launch each fall, and 2020 is no different than Amazon, Google, Apple, and smaller brand devices. For Amazon in particular, Echo smart speaker is one of the best home integrators we’ve seen in years, and that means the potential for a well-oiled concert home is higher than ever.

Over the years, I’ve helped set up dozens, if not hundreds of smart devices at the CNET Smart Home – and I write about price tags often associated with them. Between light bulbs, speakers, picture doorbells and TVs – not to mention expensive smart lights – building a smart home could quickly enter five-digit territory. Fortunately, the $ 180 days Amazon Echo speaker and 200 dollars smart orange finished. Amazon’s latest Echo speaker will be priced at an amazing 100 dollars and many other services and equipment are announced at Annual fall show will clock lower than that. You can find Echo Dots Get discounts all the time and some of CNET’s favorite smart cams in the market Price is only $ 20. In fact, with smart spending, you can build yourself a fully automated home for under $ 200. total.

Yes, in 2020 you can get all the things Alexa controls for a super low price. These are the best. We update this list periodically.

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Ben Fox Rubin / CNET

The cheapest smart speaker Amazon offers is the always solid third-generation Echo Dot. Sure, there’s a new Dot, but its improvements are negligible, so any cheaper device is probably the way to go. This Echo speaker has impressive sound quality for size if you want to play music (Spotify Premium, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more), along with voice control and all the smart features of high-end speakers. Place Echo devices in different rooms of your home for multi-room audio. Not only does the Amazon Echo Dot cost a reasonable $ 50, but you can also often see it selling for $ 25. Read our Echo Dot (third generation) review.

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The $ 130 Echo Show 8 is an Alexa-compatible display that combines all of the speaker’s voice support with the tablet’s touch controls. You can find it on sale for $ 65 right now and it gives you screens for video chatting, playing games, watching videos and even streaming security camera feeds / Read our Echo Show 8 review.

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Amazon offers a number of other devices that add Amazon Alexa to your car, home and other spaces, and one of the best of these is the Echo Flex, a $ 25 plug that helps with Alexa integration. to any place with an outlet. Easy setup via the Amazon Alexa app. When you do that, the smart speaker brings all of the smart features of Alexa voice assistant, plus a modular design that allows motion sensor and night light attachment. Read our Echo Flex review.


The Wyze Cam is one of the best ultra-low-cost devices out there, and it just got an update for 2020. At a small $ 20 price point and an impressive set of features, including weatherproof case, ban vision Sharper nights, wider field of view, a functional siren and more, the third-generation Wyze Cam is better than ever.

Plus, with a single voice command, you can bring Wyze Cam’s feed to an Alexa-enabled smart display, like the Echo Show 8.

Wyze Cam is currently available for pre-order and delivery is scheduled as early as mid-November. Read our Wyze Cam (2020) review.

The best cheap smart bulb

Wyze bulb

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Another surprisingly affordable smart home device from Wyze is the $ 8 Bulb, which you can control with Amazon Alexa. It connects directly to Wi-Fi network, so no smart home hub is required. These smart bulbs give you many of the smart features of Philips Hue or Lifx bulbs (assuming they have a little more spare parts than Philips Hue) and they work well with the home ecosystem. of Amazon. Read our Wyze Bulb review.

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