Best beard trimming for 2021: Wahl, Remington and Brio do a cut

No shave November and November are here again. This month, men are standing together and pledging to have facial hair grow in favor of the millions who suffer hair loss during cancer treatment. The aim is to raise awareness of men’s health problems and to bring more funding to cancer research and education.

But growing a beard doesn’t mean you have to completely grow a beard. You can still join in and show your support while using a beard trimmer to keep everything even and clean around the edges. Since I can’t grow a beard on my face on my own, I asked the help of my boyfriend, who has been proud of his full beard since 2015, to make a list of the best beard trimming practices. for work.


As the inventor of the first electric hair clipper, Wahl certainly knew what they were doing when they were grooming. This trimmer, adjustable to six positions from 1.5 to 13mm, comes with four interchangeable heads – a precision detailer, a dual shaver, a beard blade and a T-blade – as well as six guide bars; three for beards and three for precise trimming. The blades are finely ground to produce smoother teeth for precise results for all cutting lengths.

And with a single charge that delivers 3 and a half hours of cutting time, this beard trimmer is the one with the lowest maintenance of any model.


Remington Vacuum Beard & Stubble Trimmer 6000 are for those who have ever tried to unsuccessfully try to clean all the little hairs that have been trimmed around the sink or for those who have been scolded for unsuccessful attempts .

With its high-speed motor and blades, this beard trimmer has adjustable length comb, 11 length settings from 2 to 18mm and a vacuum system that captures up to 95% of trimmed hairs as you cut. . The stainless steel blades are also self-sharpening, so when you use the trimmer it’s like the first time, every time.


If you are rocking this short beard then this Movember, Brio Axis Hair and Beard Trimmer is for you. Designed to cut beards and bushes up to 6 mm in size, this porcelain wing trimmer is ideal for cutting straight lines and entering difficult-to-navigate areas of the face while eliminating friction that causes impact. touching and burning razors.

It comes with three detachable protective pads, a cleaning brush and a lube oil to glide smoothly on your face.


If you’re on the budget, Gillette will put you in their All-in-One Styler – an all-in-one trimmer, cutter and shaver.

This pack includes three comb attachments (2mm, 4mm and 6mm) that you can use to customize your beard length, and a shaving attachment that works with any 5-blade Gillette razor or SkinGuard does, so when it’s time to shave again, you’re ready to go. The trimmer itself is also waterproof and safe to shower.


Combining precision and portability, the Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240 is one of the most efficient and fastest charging trimming machines available – just 1 hour of charge and you can trim wirelessly in 100 minute.

The trimmer comes with short, medium, and long beard trimming combs from 0.5 to 20mm and has a precise dial that lets you choose from 39 different length settings in 0.5mm increments. It also has AutoSensing technology that reads your beard thickness 13 times per second and automatically adjusts the power of the motor to ensure even cutting without a lot of effort.


The Wahl Aqua Blade Recharging is a versatile tool that you can use when your beard is wet or in the shower. The grooming kit comes with 12 comb accessories that let you maintain a beard length between 1.5 and 25mm, two precision detail attachments for sharp edging and a trimming nose-to-do attachment. clean fake nose hair. And everything is neatly packed in a soft travel case so you can carry it on the go.


Remington brings cutting-edge technology into their Smart Beard Trimmer, an intuitive tool that remembers your previous beard length setting and feels the level and thickness of facial hair to adjust engine and speed. cut as you cut.

The motorized comb is fully controlled by the digital touch screen and programmed with 175 different length settings adjustable in 0.1 mm increments from 0.4 mm to 18 mm. And with lithium power, it’s wireless capable of lasting 50 minutes on a full charge.

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