Samsung enters the smart lighting game with a Bluetooth enabled LED bulb



We heard whispers at CES that Samsung will make some smart lighting moves in 2014, and in March the tech giant officially announced a Bluetooth enabled smart LED. new. We learned a little more last week at Lightfair International, where Samsung introduced the new bulb as part of its expanded lighting product line, highlighting the “industry first Bluetooth network” support. smart devices of the company.

That Bluetooth connection also means that the new smart bulb won’t require the hub but will instead connect directly to your phone. Samsung claims you’ll be able to control up to 64 of them from a single device at ranges of up to 2,000 feet (a bit more than 600 meters). In theory, a grid would also get stronger with each added bulb, creating an attractive scalable smart home option.

Another highlight of the bulb is the ability to change the color temperature on demand. Whether it’s 2,700K warm, like an incandescent or 6,000K hot, greenish you’re after, you’ll be able to dial right from the app.

Samsung calls this “color correction” and it’s similar to what Philips is offering with LED Hue Lux , also changes the color temperature. Other manufacturers also seem to be interested in these color-changing, white-light-only smart bulbs, as they provide an attractive intermediate point between standard smart bulbs like standard ones. lights you will find in Connected by TCP set and more expensive RGB color changers, like Lifx , the Lumen LED and Philips Hue LED light .

There is no information yet on the lamp’s capacity or how many lumens it puts out, but Samsung claims it will last for 15,000 hours (about 13 years at an industry standard rate of 3 hours a day). That would put it behind other LEDs and even other smart LEDs, where 25,000 hours is the more common standard.

We are also awaiting pricing information for Samsung’s smart bulbs, but given that Hue Lux will sell for $ 40 a bulb and LG recently announced Smart light bulb will be sold for just over $ 30, I expect it to land somewhere in that range. (International pricing has yet to be announced, but these bulbs are expected to be available in countries outside the US.)

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